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  1. dystopia
    Is Sarah Palin an Actual Clown?The former vice-presidential candidate rapped on The Masked Singer while dressed as a cartoon bear.
  2. what?
    Unpacking a Very Wild Headline About Sarah Palin’s DivorceDivorce? A Kid Rock concert? A “cryptic meme”?
  3. tea party
    Did Sarah Palin Post an Ad for Detox Tea on Instagram?She missed the hashtag memo.
  4. meanwhile in wasilla
    Sarah Palin’s Son Was Charged With Assaulting His Own FatherHe also reportedly called the police “peasants” when they arrived.
  5. Sarah Palin Says O’Reilly Accusers Shouldn’t Have ‘Stuck Around for a Paycheck’“As a strong woman, we should feel more empowered.”
  6. political fashion
    The Death Knell of the Off-the-Shoulder Top Has SoundedIn the form of Sarah Palin, who wore one to the White House.
  7. hot shot
    So Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent Walk Into the White HouseHere’s the latest Oval Office photo to quietly take in.
  8. Bristol Palin Is Pregnant AgainThe former abstinence speaker is expecting her third child.
  9. The American Spectator Is Flaccid“Sarah Palin’s Rack” headline falls short.
  10. beauty school
    Willow Palin Is a Hairdresser NowGraduates from beauty school.
  11. Why Female Politicians Aren’t Always Pro-WomenThatcher, Palin, and whether parity in politics will create equality of the sexes.
  12. special places in hell
    A Brief History of Taylor Swift’s ‘Special Place in Hell for Women’Sarah Palin, Starbucks cup also quoted Albright.
  13. politics
    Democrats Want a Woman on the 2016 TicketWith or without Hillary.
  14. the only thing better than hairpsray
    When Bumpits Can’t Suffice: Election-Night Hairstyles Even Bolder Than Palin’sPlaits, beehives, and hair-flag lady, of course.
  15. gallery
    Ninety-Two Years of Women Voting, in PicturesFrom suffragettes to Sarah Palin. Not a binder in sight.
  16. loose threads
    Halle Berry Claims She’s Related to Sarah PalinPlus, Karl Lagerfeld is going to work forever.
  17. new looks
    Sarah Palin’s Hollywood Makeover: Frosted Lips, HairTrades eyeglasses for Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  18. baby names
    Levi Johnston Names Daughter After HandgunA poster child for the Second Amendment?
  19. thrilla from wasilla
    Sarah Palin Avoided a Wardrobe Repeat on TodayYou were dying to know.
  20. beauty marks
    Snooki Wants a Boob Job; Palin Wears a Bumpit Plus, Chloë Sevigny has dark brown hair on the cover of S Moda magazine.
  21. beauty marks
    Vaseline Introduces Skin-Lightening Facebook App; New ‘Vampire Face-lift’ Is Bloody DisturbingAlso, Snooki shares her thoughts on the tanning tax, and plastic surgeons promote “vampire face-lifts.”
  22. flyin’ first class livin’ my life
    Sarah Palin Did Not Underdress for the Belmont Stakes on PurposeShe didn’t have time to change.
  23. sassy jacket companies
    Weatherproof Wants to Replace Obama Billboard With Palin BillboardHow else would Weatherproof get so much press?
  24. beauty marks
    Beauty World Alerted to Botox Ingredient Used for Terrorism; Veronicas to Front Flirt! FragranceAnd let’s talk about Drew Barrymore’s hair at the SAG Awards.
  25. political style
    Sarah Palin’s Stylist Outs HerselfShe wants everyone to acknowledge the great job she did.
  26. beauty marks
    Sarah Palin to Score Beauty Deal? Nina Ricci’s Elizabeth Taylor HairAnd Balmain went for the natural look.
  27. beauty marks
    Heidi Pratt to Launch Dry Shampoo; Sarah Palin’s Bedazzling PedicureAnd a roundup of hair products made with placenta to try. If you want to.
  28. case closed
    Officials Fail to Find Fault With Sarah Palin’s $150K WardrobeAnd the group that filed the original complaint is, understandably, tired of complaining about it.
  29. real wives of washington d.c.
    Let’s Talk About Jill Biden’s Clothes for a ChangeNo Michelle photos here.
  30. never ending stories
    Someone Paid $2,025 for Shoes Sarah Palin Might Have WornAt least they come with Palin’s alleged signature, too.
  31. crimes of fashion
    Sarah Palin’s Fancy Campaign Wardrobe Is Sitting in Trash Bags Right NowAnd people are angry.
  32. spring awakening
    Sarah Palin Debuts Spring WardrobeSpring cometh early in Alaska’s capitol.
  33. hairy situations
    Top Hairdressers Baffled by Rod Blagojevich’s ManeWe are baffled that R-Blags hasn’t gotten the memo that Washington isn’t Hollywood for ugly people anymore.
  34. beauty marks
    Sperm-Inhibiting Chemicals Phased Out of Fragrances; Sarah Palin’s Makeup Artist SpeaksPlus, Michelle Obama inspires a lipstick color, actress Emma Watson gets “The Rachel,” and Jennifer Connolly has the best eyebrows ever.
  35. political style
    The RNC Actually Spent $180,000 on the Palin Clan’s ClothesApparently the RNC spent $350 at a day spa and made purchases at Victoria’s Secret.
  36. election hangover
    Sarah Palin’s Goin’ to MiamiAnd she might visit Gianni Versace’s house.
  37. political style
    Sarah Palin Speaks at Length About Those $150K ClothesShe professes utter innocence, naturally.
  38. political style
    When Will Sarah Palin’s Clothes Go to Charity?Probably not until Republican National Committee lawyers examine them.
  39. political style
    Sarah Palin May Have Spent More Than $150,000 on Clothes!She also wore a $500 Elie Tahari suit last night.
  40. eye for eyewear
    Women Choose Tina Fey’s Specs Over Sarah Palin’sRimless styles are not all the rage.
  41. party lines
    Escada Designer ‘Honored’ Sarah Palin Loves His ClothesHe says, “She’s an attractive woman, so why not?”
  42. political style
    Palin’s Favorite Consignment Shop in TroubleNewly famous, it faces a trademark suit.
  43. political style
    Sarah Palin Wears Old Clothes and Gives a Speech About ItBut did she ditch her $5K hair and makeup team?
  44. party lines
    Iman Calls Palin’s $150K Wardrobe ‘Ridiculous’; Helena Christensen Hadn’t Even Heard About It!But Helena thinks men spend too much money on cars.
  45. hairy situations
    Orthodox Jewish Women Wild for Palin WigThe $695 all-human-hair Palin wig is a top seller in Borough Park, Brooklyn.
  46. political style
    Did the RNC Shop at a Different Atelier for Sarah Palin?There’s also a womenswear expo in New York called Atelier.
  47. political style
    Did Sarah Palin Actually Get $150,000 Worth of Clothes?It doesn’t look like it!
  48. political style
    The McCain Campaign Should Have Thought More About That $150K Shopping SpreeFashion critics say it’s incongruous with her image and wonder why she couldn’t shop at Banana Republic.
  49. faux files
    Sarah Palin’s Daughter Carries Fake Louis VuittonIt might be cheaper than real Louis, but supporting the counterfeit industry is not a great image booster.
  50. political style
    How to Spend $150,000 at Saks and Neiman MarcusWhy Palin’s fashion budget might have been necessary.
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