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Sarah Paulson

  1. mrs. america
    Sarah Paulson Plays a Fascinating Anti-Feminist in Mrs. AmericaThe queer icon on portraying a sidekick to Phyllis Schlafly, clowning with Cate Blanchett on set, and her character’s moral arc.
  2. hot shot
    This Look Was So Good It Made Rihanna FuriousSarah Paulson wore it to the premiere of Ocean’s 8.
  3. parties!
    The Best-est Party Looks of the WeekOne awe-inspiring look from every fête that mattered.
  4. unlikely celebrity friendships
    Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson Sang Show Tunes TogetherAll is forgiven.
  5. Sarah Paulson Has No Time for Questions About On-Set Cat Fights“I just think it’s sort of sad, really, that that would be the expectation.”
  6. perfect 10
    13 Famous Women Told Us Who They Think Has a Perfect LifeAva DuVernay chose Oprah Winfrey.
  7. party report
    Bottega Veneta–Sponsored Gala in the Garden Was Star-Studded, Not StuffyThe guests of honor were Todd Haynes and Laurie Anderson.
  8. bombshell
    Hollywood, Sarah Paulson Doesn’t Need Your Blonde Hair Dye “I’ve never been asked to play the leading lady without having to be a blonde.”
  9. may-december
    Sarah Paulson: ‘Love Whomever You F*cking Well Please’The actress is dating Holland Taylor, who is 32 years her senior.
  10. may-december
    Sarah Paulson Dates an Older Woman — Get Over It“My choices in romantic partners have not been conventional, and therefore the idea that it is ‘other’ makes it compelling.”
  11. party pics
    Rick Ross and Martha Stewart Partied This WeekPlus: Rita Ora, Bradley Cooper, Zoë Kravitz, and more in this week’s roundup. 
  12. mysteries
    Why Were All These Men Touching Sarah Paulson?This photo is an American Crime Story.
  13. the fug girls
    The Best, Worst, and Most Improved at the 2014 EmmysTulle, crystals, and a dress that resembles table linens.