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  1. friend fiction
    Friend Fiction: Foraging With Ina Garten and Jennifer GarnerImagining an afternoon among dear friends.
  2. how to be cool
    7 Photos of Justin Theroux Living His Edgiest LifeNever leave home without your bike and a Supreme hat.
  3. satire
    I Love My Short-Haired Bachelor ContestantAs a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to girls on the short-haired side.
  4. l'amour
    6 Alternatives to Engagement ChickenDomestic Partnership Leftover Grain Salad, anyone?
  5. satire
    It’s Me, Bill O’Neill’s 51st Sexual PartnerAnd to think all this time I had been telling my friends I had been with THE Bill O’Neill, Judge and Sex God.
  6. satire
    Donald Trump Jr.’s Guide to Physical FitnessLift with the lower back, and don’t shy away from power tools!
  7. satire
    25 (Other) Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor SwiftShe’s not in the Illuminati but she keeps dropping hints to Beyoncé and being like “I could make time!” and “My Wednesdays are wide open!”
  8. satire
    I Love My Extremely Average WifeA tribute to mediocre women everywhere.
  9. can u not
    How I Attain Perfection Without Even TryingA young, beautiful celebrity lets us in on her secret regimen for attaining perfection. Hint: It’s nothing.
  10. Why Facebook’s ‘Satire’ Tag Is NecessaryPeople are pretty great at missing the joke.