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  1. first person
    When I Moved to Saudi Arabia as a Kid, Boxing Saved MeI was furious and isolated. Then I discovered Muhammad Ali.
  2. women’s rights
    Women in Saudi Arabia Can Now Travel Without Male GuardiansNew regulations announced today granted women the right to obtain passports and travel independently.
  3. crime
    Deaths of Saudi Arabian Sisters Found in Hudson River Ruled SuicideThe bodies of Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22, were found in October 2018.
  4. politics
    The Saudi Teen Who Fled From Her Family Has Been Granted Refugee StatusRahaf Mohammed al-Qunun says she fears that she’ll be killed if she returns home.
  5. human rights abuses
    Saudi Arabia Accused of Torturing Jailed Women’s-Rights ActivistsA new report details the alleged torture of women detained by the Saudi government.
  6. women’s rights
    Women in Saudi Arabia Legally Get Behind the Wheel for the First Time EverOn June 24, the country officially lifted its decades-long ban on women driving.
  7. women’s rights
    Saudi Arabia Issues First Drivers’ Licenses to WomenThis comes amid a crackdown on activists.
  8. l’amour
    Vanessa Trump’s Romance With Saudi Prince Reportedly Thwarted by 9/11Vanessa Trump’s past continues to read like a series of increasingly confusing Mad Libs.
  9. cultural exchanges
    Saudi Arabia Just Hosted Its First-Ever Concert by a Female SingerThousands of women attended a performance by Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji.
  10. cultural exchanges
    Nelly Will Play an All-Male Concert in Saudi ArabiaBut will “Hot In Herre” make the set list?
  11. women’s rights
    Saudi Arabia Just Took Another Step Toward Gender EqualityStadiums in three cities will undergo renovations to accommodate so-called “family” sections.
  12. lives
    5 Saudi Women React to the End of the Driving Ban“The first thing I’ll do is take my family to a restaurant to celebrate.”
  13. women’s rights
    Saudi Arabia Will Allow Women to Obtain Driver’s LicensesWomen are currently banned from driving in Saudi Arabia.
  14. lives
    The Real Lives of Young Women Living in Saudi ArabiaWhat it’s like to come of age in one of the strictest countries in the world.
  15. diplomacy
    All the Extravagant Gifts Trump Received in Saudi ArabiaIncluding 13 robes, to be exact.
  16. domestic violence
    Saudi Man Sentenced to Just 19 Months in Prison for Setting His Wife on FireShe’ll get no compensation for her costly surgeries.
  17. saudi vision 2030
    Saudi Arabia Will Let Women Wear Bikinis, But Only at Ritzy New ResortThe Red Sea Project will have 125 miles of beaches and 50 islands.
  18. gender inequality
    A Saudi Women’s Rights Activist Was Freed From Detention Without a Male GuardianMaryam al-Otaibi’s release is being celebrated as a feminist victory.
  19. Saudi Woman Arrested for Wearing a Miniskirt in Public Released Without ChargePolice in Saudi Arabia have released Model Khulood, who was arrested for wearing “immodest clothes.”
  20. Woman Wanted by Saudi Police for Posting Snapchat of Herself in a MiniskirtThe country’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice is looking for her.
  21. gender inequality
    Saudi Arabia Will Now Let Girls Take Gym ClassThe change will come to public schools at the start of the next academic school year.
  22. book excerpt
    Why I Risked My Life to Drive in Saudi ArabiaSaudi activist Manal al-Sharif shares the story behind the Women to Drive movement.
  23. politics
    Trump Struggles to Praise Egyptian President, Decides to Compliment His ShoesDiplomacy!
  24. feminism inc
    Saudi Arabia and UAE Pledge $100M to Female Entrepreneur FundIvanka Trump proposed the World Bank fund.
  25. cultural exchanges
    Toby Keith Will Play an All-Men Concert in Saudi ArabiaThe concert, which will coincide with President Trump’s visit, will also include a performance by an Arabian lute player.
  26. women’s rights
    Saudi Arabia’s Appointment to UN Women’s-Rights Commission Sparks OutrageThis is a country that still uses a male-guardianship system.
  27. music videos
    This Saudi Arabian Girl-Band Song Is Your 2017 Anthem“Hwages” takes aim at both Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women and Donald Trump.
  28. A Woman in Saudi Arabia Was Arrested for Posting This Picture Without a HijabShe wore a dress, a coat, and ankle boots, but no hijab, in a Twitter picture.
  29. the urbanist
    What Do Royals Do All Day?They paint, they get accused of fraud, they run boutiques, they chain-smoke.
  30. women’s rights
    Saudi Women Can Now Register to VoteLaws still forbid them from driving or working outside the home. 
  31. the big screen
    Meet Saudi Arabia’s Groundbreaking FilmmakerHaifaa Al-Mansour’s debut feature is the country’s first Oscar contender.
  32. binders full of women
    Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Appoints More Women Than ObamaOpening new doors for Saudi women. Literally.
  33. Ikea Wishes It Hadn’t Scrubbed Women From Saudi Arabia CatalogUltraconservative Islam and Scandinavian egalitarianism don’t mix well. 
  34. breakthroughs
    Saudi Women Are Finally Allowed to Sell Bras to One AnotherBelieve it or not, this is quite a breakthrough.