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Save Fashion Week

  1. save fashion week
    New York and London Fashion Week Dates Confirmed for the Next Two YearsHere they are.
  2. save fashion week
    New York Fashion Week Will Officially Start on September 6 This YearThis should settle the Milan mess.
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    Moschino Cheap & Chic Moves Its Runway Show to LondonThe label switches its allegiance from Milan.
  4. quotables
    Don’t Tread on London, Says Sarah MowerSo there!
  5. loose threads
    Accessory Crowns Winner; Investor for VarvatosPlus, Russian Vogue took Crystal Renn and Alana Zimmer to the circus.
  6. save fashion week
    Paris Reignites Brouhaha Over Fashion ScheduleJust when you thought all the fuss was over.
  7. save fashion week
    The CFDA Refuses to Shorten New York Fashion WeekBut they’ve agreed to several of Milan’s other demands, so a resolution may be close.
  8. save fashion week
    Italy Offers Another Compromise on Show DatesSo instead of its usual eight, they’d like to see it run only for seven in 2013 and 2014.
  9. save fashion week
    The CFDA Has a Plan to Fix the Fashion Week Scheduling MessNew York might just cave, kind of.
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    Times Reminds the World New York Wasn’t Always a Fashion CapitalAnd that may affect its standing in the debate over next year’s show schedule.
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    Fern Mallis Thinks New York Fashion Week May Get Bumped Up a Few DaysGood-bye, Labor Day weekend.
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    Milan Fashion Week’s President Unleashed a Pointed Letter About the Show Dates DebacleHe attached evidence that he is in the right when scheduling the Milan shows to overlap with New York and London.
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    Milan Unmoved by Diane Von Furstenberg’s Efforts to Coordinate Show DatesMilan organizer Mario Boselli has “nothing more to add or to change” with regards to the matter.
  14. save fashion week
    Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexandra Shulman Continue Fighting Milan’s Date ChangesShe characterizes the conflict as a “misunderstanding.”
  15. save fashion week
    Milan Refuses to Change Its Show Dates to Avoid Overlapping With New York and London Fashion Weeks“Let the best one win,” Milan Fashion Week boss Mario Boselli says.
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    The CFDA Again Says It Won’t Shift Show Dates Next YearThe Italians continue their efforts to switch around the schedule.
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    Condé Nast Editors Will Skip Milan Fashion Week If It Conflicts With New York’sA strongly worded letter has been sent to Italy.
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    Milan Fashion Week Will Overlap With New York and London Fashion Week in 2012Organizers are afraid their current block of days will cause them to lose out on retail orders.