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    Christian Lacroix, the Label, Is Getting Back Into WomenswearBeginning with bikinis and underpants.
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    Christian Lacroix Is Designing for DesigualYou know, that store that gave away clothes to people who stood on Broadway in their underwear for a few hours.
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    Christian Lacroix’s New Designer Wants to Do a Target or H&M LineThey’ve got a pile of debt to pay off, you know.
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    Check Out the New Christian Lacroix Menswear, Designed Without Christian LacroixLacroix himself, meanwhile, is designing coins.
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    Christian Lacroix to Roll Out New Products Not Designed by Christian LacroixThe designer himself has severed all ties with the label.
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    Christian Lacroix Is Designing Uniforms for French Railway WorkersHe might not have couture, but at least he has something.
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    French Officials Are Still Trying to Get the Sheikh to Buy Christian LacroixThey are not content to let the house dissolve.
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    Experts: Christian Lacroix Relied Too Much on CoutureObviously, he should have also made leotards for Beyoncé.
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    Christian Lacroix to Be Reduced to a Licensing Operation With Only Eleven EmployeesSo long, couture and ready-to-wear.
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    The Sheikh Who Was Supposed to Buy Christian Lacroix Didn’t Submit His Paperwork on TimeThis leaves the fate of the house woefully up in the air.
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    Lacroix Sale Hits a SnagThe Ajman sheikh who was close to buying it isn’t submitting his paperwork.
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    Christian Lacroix Sale DelayedNothing’s wrong — it’s just procedure, officials say.
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    Lacroix Might Start Making Private Jets and YachtsAnd, if we’re lucky, wallpaper!
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    Ajman Sheikh’s Purchase of Christian Lacroix Almost FinalizedChristian Lacroix is in favor of the buyout.
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    Enormously Wealthy Ajman Sheikh Closing In on Lacroix DealHis 70 million euro check is ready. Lacroix just has to sign for it.
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    Two More Investors Offer to Bail Out LacroixThe Paris court will rule on the bids in the upcoming weeks.
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    ‘Extremely Positive’ Things Are Happening for Christian LacroixThe French government wants to save his label, and it looks like they will.
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    Lacroix Has a Buyer!A French firm plans to make an offer Monday.
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    How the House of Christian Lacroix Fell DownThe owners bought the label in 2005 without knowing a thing about the fashion business. Now it faces demise.
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    First Look at What Could Be Christian Lacroix’s Last Couture ShowWe have images and they’re couture-tastic!
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    Investors Reportedly Interested in Rescuing Christian LacroixToday’s couture show might not be his last after all.
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    Lacroix Needs a Buyer — and Fast — to SurviveSurely a zoo-owning billionaire out there wants to help?
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    More Details Emerge on Christian Lacroix’s Couture ShowIt will include twenty looks and live models.
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    Christian Lacroix Is Ready for a FightHe’ll put on a couture show, and no one’s going to stop him. Got it?
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    Christian Lacroix Rejects Money Offered by a Couture Client to Rescue His CompanyYet the couture collection he showed in January could have been his last.
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    Christian Lacroix May Not Stage a Couture ShowIt remains unclear whether courts will allow the recently bankrupt house’s show to go on.
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    Christian Lacroix Has Been Designing for Free for MonthsHis recently bankrupt label has been unable to pay him.