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  1. breasts
    ScarJo Is Most Notable for Breast-feeding The Barbara Walters interview. 
  2. celeb weddings
    Are Real Spies Reporting on ScarJo’s Wedding?A preposterous theory; also, Scarlett Johansson is probably married now. 
  3. babies
    Scarlett Johansson Has Given BirthWelcome, Rose Dorothy.
  4. the magical versatility of the backstreet boys
    Scarlett Johansson Gets a Boy-Band HaircutIs this French-girl style?
  5. ScarJo Hates the Nickname You Made for HerJohansson on portmanteaus.
  6. quotables
    ScarJo on SodaStream and Bronto-CleavageEvading controversy. 
  7. bebes!
    Scarlett Johansson Will Have a BabyA ScarJobebe is on the way.
  8. america!
    France Bans Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears From Daytime TVAnd ScarJo says that Parisians are being rude to her.
  9. complicated relationships with lactose
    Scarlett Johansson Has Weird Feelings About CheeseShe really enjoys pushing it on others.