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  1. scary things
    Tainted Wrinkle Cream Left a Woman Semi-ComatoseThe CDC does not expect her to recover from mercury-poisoning-related injuries.
  2. scary things
    A Can of Dry Shampoo Blew a Hole Through the Roof of a CarA Missouri teen learned a hard lesson in the dangers of flammable beauty products when her can of dry shampoo exploded in her car.
  3. scary things
    These Women Say They’re Being Stalked by Drones at Night“It’s got the point where I now sleep with a large wooden bat in my bed.”
  4. scary things
    Malia Obama’s ‘Longtime Stalker’ Reported to PoliceA 30-year-old man has been following the former First Daughter around New York.
  5. scary things
    5 Female Directors on Why They Love HorrorEveryone wants to be the final girl.
  6. Running From Nothing: Why False-Alarm Freak-outs HappenThe LAX stampede is the most recent example of this recent trend of false-alarm freak-outs.
  7. terrifying things
    World’s Creepiest Burglar Watched a Chicago Couple SleepMeet Creeper Ghost.
  8. real life horror
    California Teen Scripted ‘Rape and Kill’ LetterHe based it on the horror movie The Purge.
  9. health
    The Fear of Terrorism Is Dangerous on a Biological LevelResearch reveals the physiological impact of “consistent exposure to terror threats.” 
  10. hallucinations
    What Out-of-Body Experiences Teach About Our Sense of SelfEerie. 
  11. scary things
    What Happens If Antibiotics Stop Working? A scary but important look at the future of medicine.
  12. medicine men
    Catching Up With Dr. Alexander van Tulleken, That Charming Ebola ExpertWe have Jon Stewart to thank for introducing us to Dr. Alexander van Tulleken.
  13. scary things
    Empire State Building Shooter Was a Fashion DesignerBefore he lost his job about a year ago.
  14. scary things
    Here Is a Terrifying Video From the DVF Sample SaleIt involves a Mongolian faux-fur coat and lots of stampeding.