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Scenes From A Marriage

  1. year in review
    The Year Oscar Isaac Destroyed Us AllSome theories on why we can’t stop thinking about him.
  2. scenes from a marriage
    Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac PDA Continues — On TikTokChastain celebrated their ‘Scenes from a Marriage’ Golden Globe nominations with a special TikTok.
  3. costume design
    I Would Marry These Photos of Oscar IsaacChatting with costume designer Miyako Bellizzi about his style in Scenes From a Marriage.
  4. scenes from a fugue state
    Oscar Isaac Denies Accountability for the Sexiest Moment of 2021His erotic encounter with Jessica Chastain’s armpit was apparently … someone else.
  5. boyfriends
    Hot Oscar FallSad Girl Fall? I don’t know her.