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  1. science of us
    Listening to EstrogenHormones have always been a third rail in female mental health. They may also be a skeleton key.
  2. Why Are Doctors Giving Anti-Psychotic Drugs to Toddlers?Lori went to doctors, desperate to help her disruptive toddler. She had no idea that the treatment they offered was the thing she needed to fear.
  3. schizophrenia
    Scientists Made a Huge Genetic Discovery About Schizophrenia This WeekPinpointing the trigger of the mental disorder may lead the way to better treatments.
  4. the brain
    Creepy Robot Makes You Feel a Ghostly Presence Spooky.
  5. mental illness
    Schizophrenia May Actually Be 8 Disorders in OneA new study explains some of the genetic roots of the disease.
  6. mental illness
    Can We Make People With Severe Schizophrenia Happier?A new study suggests there isn’t a direct connection between the severity of the illness and the sufferers’ level of happiness.
  7. death threats
    Miranda Kerr’s Stalker Made Plans to Kill HerThis is from a man who calls her his “soul mate.”