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  1. science says
    Pretty Girls Also Get Better Grades Because Life Is UnfairThis explains my high-school career.
  2. dong watch
    Here Are Your Penis Beauty StandardsIs your dick hot? Or not?
  3. health and wellness
    Post-Workout Burgers Are Actually a Great IdeaBetter than a protein shake.
  4. dumb phones
    Seriously, Never Leave Your iPhone at Home Our tiny human brains can’t handle it.
  5. science says
    Study: Facebook Continues to Make People SadIncreased time on the site promotes negative body image.
  6. faking orgasms
    Study: Women Fake Orgasms for Their Own PleasureFake it till you make it.
  7. science says
    Fondling Men’s Boxers Makes Women SpendyA silly study finds women have a strong reaction to men’s underthings.
  8. science says
    Sex Ed: Evolutionary Reasons to Regret That Hookup Why we regret what we regret.
  9. science says
    A Post About a Study About Being BoredGroundbreaking news: There are five different ways to be bored.