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Scientific Study

  1. parenting
    Modern Mothers Are Having More KidsAccording to a new study.
  2. booze news
    Light Drinking During Pregnancy Is Probably FineNew study says there is little evidence that the occasional drink will harm your baby in the womb.
  3. mental health awareness
    The Percentage of Suicidal Teens and Kids Has Doubled Since 2008Sixty-six percent of those were girls.
  4. protect yourself
    Melanoma Rates Are Continuing to Rise, and No One Knows WhyWe should all brush up on our SPF.
  5. women’s health
    New at-Home Device Might Make Breast Reconstruction Easier for WomenThe small, inflatable pouch allows women to gradually stretch their breast tissue and make room for an implant.
  6. If You’ve Been Ending Your Texts With Periods, Everyone Thinks You’re a JerkTime to stop being awkward.
  7. awful things
    Domestic Abuse Victims Suffer the Same Brain Injuries As Football PlayersBut their injuries often go undiagnosed and untreated.
  8. you’re so vain
    Being Hot Is More Important to Men Than It Is to WomenA study publishes some interesting findings on the less fair sex.