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  1. RIP Scoop, Home of the 2000s ‘It’ Shopping BagThe store might be gone, but those vinyl totes will last forever.
  2. ins and outs
    Zac Posen Replaces His Mom With Scoop’s CEOThe label’s owners reportedly got frustrated with the lack of returns on their investment.
  3. spring 2011
    Michelle Obama Will Flip For Monique Péan’s New CollectionNo woolly mammoth tusks, though, sorry.
  4. fashion’s night out
    Slideshow: 40 Things to Buy on Fashion’s Night OutIncluding exclusive Louboutins, 24-karat-gold-topped cookies, Karl Lagerfeld self-portraits, and more!
  5. talent scout
    Slashed, Washed-Out, and Curve-Hugging Denim by Democracy of NevermindCheck out spring and fall looks by this week’s Talent Scout.
  6. recession store-ies
    Scoop Has Shady Finances, Other ProblemsKind of like Barneys, but maybe worse.
  7. lawsuits
    Ex-Employees to Sue Scoop and Celebrate With a Rousing ProtestThey say Scoop owes them $500,000 in unpaid wages.
  8. going saling
    Is Scoop Going Out of Business?A 75 percent off sale set off rumors of bankruptcy, but Melanie Cox, the company’s president and CEO, says no.
  9. loose threads
    Alleged Sweatshop Busted; Lauren Conrad Doesn’t Really Design Her Clothing LineAlso, Halston expands and Armani’s profits soar (Giorgio celebrated by wearing a Speedo on his yacht).