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Scott Campbell

  1. i wanna know what love is
    Why You Should Keep That Tattoo of Your ExScott Campbell’s views on love and breakups. 
  2. slideshow
    Who Would Agree to Get a Mystery Tattoo?Talking to 16 people who trusted their forearms to Scott Campbell.
  3. party lines
    Scott Campbell Would Tattoo His Daughter With Lake BellBut don’t worry, it will be after she’s of legal age.
  4. party pics
    Party Pics: Marc Jacobs, Lake Bell, and Adam LevineAnd more from this week’s spring soirees.
  5. cover girls
    What Lake Bell’s Dad Thought of Her Nude Cover“I think he even used the word badass.”
  6. Watch Marc Jacobs Give a Rundown of His TattoosFrom his two bull terriers, Alfred and Daisy, to “bros before hos.”
  7. party dump
    Party Pics: Post-VMA Bliss and Lots of ChampagneThe worlds of music, fashion, and tennis collide.
  8. Marc Jacobs on Tattoos in the Fashion IndustryPlus a closer look at his own body art collection.
  9. q&a
    Scott Campbell on Tattooing Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton Man Bags, and Kanye WestThe celebrity tattoo artist talks about collaborating with Louis Vuitton on its latest men’s runway collection. Watch a video of him in action.
  10. beauty marks
    Snooki Ditches the Pouf; Melanie Thierry Named Face of YSL’s Latest FragranceAlso, Scott Campbell designs Louis Vuitton–monogram tattoos.
  11. loose threads
    Stefano Gabbana Says Men’s Fashion Is Not for ‘Weirdos’; Lady Gaga Recycles Gun BraAlso, Scott Campbell reportedly designed bags for Louis Vuitton men’s show.
  12. marlo
    Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Confirm Love With Public Appearance, Tattoo TalkAlso, matching facial hair.
  13. best bets
    Best Bet: Burned BooksTattoo artist Scott Campbell designed a line of laser-cut books.
  14. muscle men
    Here’s a Gratuitous Shirtless Marc Jacobs PhotoShot by his tattoo artist in Terry Richardson’s signature style.