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Scott Eastwood

  1. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: These Photos of Scott Eastwood Working OutFor starters, he’s barefoot and wearing jeans.
  2. investigations
    Does Scott Eastwood Have Sex? I Can’t Tell.“I am having sex … lots of it,” he said in a podcast. Hmm …
  3. scent memories
    Scott Eastwood Loves the Smell of Cereal and Man Sweat“I like Cap’n Crunch. Great cereal, except it ruins the roof of your mouth, which sucks.”
  4. party pics
    Leo DiCaprio and His Model Crew Partied at New York Fashion WeekPlus: Paris Hilton, Scott Eastwood, Hari Nef.
  5. clint eastwood
    Esquire’s September Issue Features Old White Guy’s Racist OpinionsClint Eastwood has a lot to say about the “pussy generation.”
  6. male gaze
    Scott Eastwood (and His Abs) May Save the WorldThe Suicide Squad actor on his exercise routine and his mission to save the ocean’s declining tuna populations.
  7. stars! they’re just like us
    It’s Always a Gamble to Right-Swipe on a Celebrity But how can a famous person find love in these Tinder times?
  8. hunks for days
    Men: Just Admit You Dig Being ShirtlessScott Eastwood embraces his natural form.
  9. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Scott Eastwood Is a Man’s Man The apple doesn’t fall far from the hunky man tree.