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Scream Queens

  1. quelle horreur!
    Nick Jonas Demonstrates the Worst Pickup Tactic Ever on Scream Queens RIP.
  2. furry friends
    20 Chic Faux-Fur Pieces Worthy of Scream QueensBefore the cold has you going, What fresh hell is this?
  3. quelle horreur!
    Death Has Come for the Scream Queens Candle VloggerWe light our very best Diptyque in your memory.
  4. quelle horreur!
    Tavi Showed Up on Scream Queens Last Night With great taste in clothes and unfortunate taste in men.
  5. l’horreur
    Disguise Your Next Interrogation As a Slumber PartyA good way to figure out if your sorority sister stole your favorite dress — or murdered someone.
  6. l’horreur
    Bros Can Wear Slutty Halloween Costumes, TooA reason to love the holiday.
  7. cans of whoop-ass
    Scream Queens Took a Women’s Studies Class This Semester Or at least Ryan Murphy did.
  8. l’horreur
    Karl Lagerfeld Is an Honorary Scream QueenThe best moment from last night’s episode.
  9. quotables
    Even Celebrities Are Afraid of Generation ZThe cast of Scream Queens on the scariest generation of all.
  10. It’s Fall, and the Scream Queens Have Pumpkin Spice Latte RageThe most evil moments from last night’s premiere of Scream Queens.
  11. quotables
    Tavi Gevinson Loves Teen WitchesBreak out your black shawls and pentagram jewelry.
  12. teen queen
    Lessons From the World’s Most Normal Child Star“Do you love yourself?”