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  1. screen time
    Long May She GazeAh, to be pummeled by the stare of Las Vegas’s giant freaky eyeball.
  2. power
    5 Brave, Bold-faced Women Share Their Screen-Time Reports“But this was down 49 percent from the week before.”
  3. screen time
    Wait, Brandy Melville Sells Olive Oil???It’s true. But why?
  4. screen time
    When Did Wearing a Bathing Suit Get So Complicated?TikTok bikini hacks are both genius and totally bonkers.
  5. screen time
    Forget Pods. Bring Back the Entourage!Halston always surrounded himself with glamorous people, and frankly, it’s inspiring.
  6. screen time
    Extremely Specific Talking Points for When You Reenter SocietyHolding a good conversation is a little like putting together a good outfit.
  7. screen time
    The Best Fashion Instagrams, Tweets, and TikToks of the WeekPlus a vintage fringe skirt, a designer dog carrier, and some funky jeans.
  8. screen time
    What Do We Do With Bad Clothing Memories?Unearthing spring clothes brings up a lot of other stuff, too.
  9. screen time
    Lindsay Bluth’s Style Is Actually Perfect for This MomentHer unhinged, over-the-top attitude is exactly what I’m going for this spring.
  10. screen time
    Can Fashion Make Me Stop Slouching?After a year of sitting, I’m looking for items that will help me stand a little taller.
  11. screen time
    Wait, Should I Have a Secret Account for Fit Pics?The appeal of the fashion finsta.
  12. screen time
    Some Tips for Buying a Miniskirt OnlineSet your legs free after a year of sitting.
  13. screen time
    What Will You Wear on the First Day of the Rest of Your Life?Planning post-pandemic outfits is both exciting and scary.
  14. screen time
    I Can’t Wait to Dress Like I Shop at Party CityDeck me out in marabou feathers and fringe.
  15. screen time
    Would You Invest $76,000 on Birkenstocks Made of Birkin Bags?And other thoughts about splurging.
  16. screen time
    It’s Time to Play Adult Dress-Up AgainMy week in fashion inspiration.
  17. screen time
    Carrie Bradshaw’s Tutu Is BackAnd other hot takes from the fashion shows in Paris this week.
  18. screen time
    Some Fun Outfit Ideas for Ella EmhoffAnd a niche Bernie meme you might have missed.
  19. screen time
    A New Dawn for BodyconAnd other trends I’ve noticed in my feed this week.
  20. screen time
    Are You Starting to Get Sick of Practical Clothes?Because I definitely am.
  21. screen time
    It’s Time for a Sleeping-Bag CoatAnd some other outfits I’d like to wear in real life.
  22. screen time
    I’m Buying Freaky Candles to Ward Off Winter DreadAnd other unhinged home goods I found online this week.
  23. screen time
    These Baggy Corduroys Might Replace My SweatpantsAnd other things I screengrabbed this week.
  24. self
    Are Endless Screens Hurting Your Eyes?How to prevent eye strain while social distancing.
  25. screen time
    Too Much Peppa Pig Is Causing Kids to Speak in British AccentsCrikey, is your kid under the influence of the #PeppaEffect?
  26. technology
    A Wellness Blogger From the 1400s Weighs in on ScreentimeGuten tag.
  27. parenting
    How to Watch TV With Your KidsMost parents don’t realize that there’s more to kids and TV than feeling guilty.
  28. parenthood
    You Can’t Enforce Screen-Time Limits If You’re Always on Your PhoneMy 3-year-old says “show me your eyes” when I talk to him while on my phone.