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  1. the skin we’re in
    Are You Exfoliating Your Face Wrong?Dermatologists weigh in.
  2. lab rat
    Finally, a Non-Messy Body Scrub That’s Easy to UseThese Sugar Cubes are good enough to eat.
  3. scrubs
    New Lawsuit Accuses St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub of Causing IrritationThe most controversial face scrub may have its day in court.
  4. lab rat
    Is This the Next Generation of Scrubs?The formula that makes you shine bright, like a diamond.
  5. lab rat
    Testing the Body Shop’s Collection for AdultsAm I too old for ambiguously tropical scents?
  6. lab rat
    Do Your Lips Need a Mask?They do if you don’t want chapped lips. 
  7. Meet the Beauty Guru Calling Foul on the IndustryNo-bullshit beauty.
  8. lab rat
    I Tried Cate Blanchett’s DIY Body ScrubBenjamin Butt-ery skin.
  9. lab rat
    The Best Body Scrub Smells Like a Clean T-ShirtFragrant body-polishing.
  10. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Your Beauty Products Are Pretty DirtyAn app that helps you detect which have the most harmful substances.