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  1. art and soul
    ‘Spirits Just Want To Be Seen’Tau Lewis’s “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” exhibition at 52 Walker presents a portal to the supernatural.
  2. laugh kookaburra laugh
    13-Foot-Kookaburra Sculptor Explains His Project“Why not, you know?”
  3. art and soul
    Making a ‘Mess’ With Playful Ceramics32 ceramicists, together in a lively group show at The Future Perfect.
  4. coping mechanisms
    Channing Tatum Has Turned to Sculpture in His DivorceJust like Brad Pitt.
  5. gallery
    A 60-Year Marriage Inspired This Art ShowAlex Katz paints his wife and muse, a former research biologist.
  6. national treasures
    Francesco Vezzoli Paints Up Ancient Roman BustsA bit of color and they look like new!
  7. shine bright like a diamond
    See: Victoire de Castellane’s Beautiful, Jeweled OdditiesHer first New York exhibition of sculptures is now on display.
  8. but is it art?
    Statue of Underdressed Man Terrorizes Wellesley CollegeArt in its underwear causes a campus mini-scandal.
  9. first looks
    Oprah’s Corset-Maker Tries Her Hand at HistoryCamilla Huey created handmade corset sculptures inspired by the women in Aaron Burr’s life.
  10. tastemakers
    Jill Platner’s Sculptures Are Stronger Than Hurricane SandyThe veteran jewelry designer talks about her new massive, metal-filled art installation.