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Sea Salt Spray

  1. hairy situations
    8 Products to Get Your Hair Looking Like Gisele Bundchen’sHer personal hairstylist Harry Josh on his favorite sea-salt spray, hair supplements, and drugstore hair products.
  2. best bet
    Best Bet: Fudge Urban Sea Salt SprayWaves like Harry Styles.
  3. hairy situations
    Meet R + Co, the Captain Planet-Like Fashion Hair CollectiveDeath Valley is now something your hair can smell like.
  4. editor’s picks
    Editor’s Picks: 5 New Hair Products for a Perfect Long BobWhen you don’t want to look too uptown or downtown (and certainly not Midtown).
  5. best bets
    Best Bet: Lavett & Chin Original Sea/Salt Texturizing MistNow you can re-create that perfectly undone J.Crew hair at home.
  6. obsessive tester
    Testing Salt Sprays: Which Works Best for Beachy Waves With No Ocean in Sight?Only one gets you close to Gisele Bündchen’s level of awesomeness.
  7. under the radar
    A New Hair-Care Line Made in the Heart of TexasIt’s much cooler than you think.