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  1. pda
    Invading Elephant Seals Are Using Popular Beach for SexcationThe Elephant seals that overran a California beach are now procreating on it.
  2. collective action
    This Beach Belongs to the Elephant Seals NowThey reclaimed it during the government shutdown.
  3. teen trends
    Teen Seals Are Shoving Eels Up Their NosesThe seal version of the TidePod challenge.
  4. health
    Seals and Sea Lions Helped Spread Tuberculosis Among Humans, Are JerksEwww.
  5. loose seals
    Obstinate, Lazy Seal Traps Newlyweds on a Remote IslandDon’t mind me.
  6. party lines
    Nigel Barker Is Saving Seal Hunters From Themselves (Not in a Vain Way)Also, he got a lot of backlash for his comment about stopping the Canadians and Norwegians.
  7. cult of personality
    Nigel Barker Talks Baby Seals, ‘ANTM,’ and His KidsBarker’s photography exhibit — an homage to baby Canadian seals — opens Friday. Allow him to wow you with his seal knowledge.