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  1. end times
    Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars Is a Sign of the End TimesIs anything grimmer than Sean Spicer’s debut on Dancing With the Stars?
  2. reading the signs
    Dancing With RealityWhy Sean Spicer’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars is the best allegory for our dystopia.
  3. spicey’s second act
    Sean Spicer Will Dance His Way Back Into Public LifeIt’s not the first time Dancing With the Stars has rehabilitated a right-wing figure.
  4. hmmm
    Sean Spicer Says Congressman Who Sexted Young Boys Was ‘Fun to Be Around’Interesting.
  5. reflections
    Sean Spicer Regrets Embarrassing Himself, His FamilyA little late, guy!
  6. drama
    Sean Spicer Has Weighed in on the Omarosa White House DramaHe told Fox News he doesn’t know why she was hired.
  7. spicey’s second act
    Actually, No One Wants to Put Sean Spicer on TVBecause of a “lack of credibility.”
  8. emmys 2017
    Sean Spicer Made a Surprise Appearance at the Emmys… What?
  9. spicey’s second act
    Poll Finds Literally Nobody Thinks Sean Spicer Is SexyHe bombed a celebrity popularity poll, scoring a zero in “sexy” and “physically fit.”
  10. bragging rights
    Sean Spicer Says He’s ‘One of the Most Popular Guys in Ireland’Spicey’s fame might be getting to his head.
  11. Sean Spicer Has Found a Post–White House GigIt’s not Dancing With the Stars.
  12. Sean Spicer’s Colleagues Are Throwing Him a Good-bye PartySpicey is finally free.
  13. drams do come true
    Sean Spicer Finally Got to Meet the PopeAfter Trump excluded him from a previous audience.
  14. love and war
    Oh Boy, Sean Spicer Reportedly Wants to Be on SNLSources say he is “angling” to make a cameo on the show.
  15. spicy
    Sean Spicer Says No to Dancing With the Stars Because of Other ‘Commitments’“He’s not a good dancer.”
  16. politics
    Sean Spicer Sure Sounds Happy to Be Done With His JobHe was described as “gleeful” and “bounding.”
  17. how spicey
    Dancing With the Stars Is Reportedly Trying to Cast Sean SpicerAccording to “Page Six.”
  18. memories
    Sean Spicer Reportedly Stole a Mini-Fridge From White House AidesOf course he did.
  19. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Bieber Banned, Spicer Resigns, Bannon Talks TrashWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  20. politics
    Here’s What You Need to Know About Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s Rumored New HireDonald Trump’s new communications director is a hedge-fund manager with a “particularly crude” nickname for Reince Priebus.
  21. departures
    Looking Back at Sean Spicer’s 11 Spicey-est MomentsFarewell, Spicey.
  22. politics
    Sean Spicer Is President Trump’s Instagram HusbandThe press secretary took the president’s picture in a big-boy fire truck.
  23. politics
    Sean Spicer Applies His Own Foundation, Thank You Very MuchA man of many talents.
  24. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Drake vs. Josh, Spicer Fat-Shamed, and a CIA Snack ScandalWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  25. hot shot
    Sean Spicer Emerges to Serve Booze at the White House PicnicA quick break from the off-camera briefings.
  26. politics
    Sean Spicer Says White House Reporters Want to ‘Become YouTube Stars’He’s tired of them asking “snarky questions” to “get on TV.”
  27. career transitions
    Report: Spicer Looking for Someone to Take Over Most Humiliating Part of His JobThe press secretary may no longer be doing his daily briefings.
  28. owned
    This Story Might Almost Make You Feel Bad for Sean SpicerSpicer was reportedly not invited to meet the pope, even though it meant very much to him.
  29. politics
    Looks Like This Fox News Host Won’t Be Taking Over for Sean Spicer Anytime SoonPresident Trump was reportedly “furious” that Guilfoyle said she was being considered for Press Secretary.
  30. Why Does Sean Spicer Pose Like an Indie Fashion Blogger?It’s uncanny.
  31. politics
    Charges Dropped in Rape Case White House Used to Justify Immigration CrackdownSean Spicer called the case “horrendous and disgusting” and said it was cause for the president’s harsh immigration stance.
  32. politics
    Sean Spicer Conveniently Asleep by Midnight Every SaturdayToo bad he keeps missing Melissa McCarthy’s impression of him.
  33. reactions
    Watch These Reporters React to Sean Spicer’s Latest Screw UpDuring his latest briefing, Sean Spicer compared Hitler to Assad and talked about “Holocaust Centers,” prompting horrified reactions from reporters.
  34. bleak
    What Is in Sean Spicer’s Teeth?An investigation.
  35. politics
    Sean Spicer Got a Style MakeoverAfter Trump reportedly dissed his style.
  36. great spaces
    Sean Spicer’s Office Décor Is BleakThat’s it?
  37. no new messages
    Nighttime Voice-mails From the White HouseHi Kellyanne. I can’t sleep.
  38. hot shot
    Sean Spicer Spends Another Busy Day Cleaning Up After Trump’s TeamThis particular mess required a lint-roller.
  39. roll clip!
    Melissa McCarthy Rages As Sean Spicer on Saturday Night LiveSealed with a spicy kiss.
  40. politics
    Sean Spicer’s Press Briefings Get More Viewers Than Actual Soap OperasEven if a lot of them are hate-watchers.
  41. Contrary to What Spicer Says, Taxpayer Dollars Don’t Fund Abortions OverseasDissecting Sean Spicer’s statement about the Mexico City Policy.
  42. women’s march 2017
    What You Need to Know About the 89800 ‘Count Me’ TextThe organization behind the Count Me In effort provided an update.