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  1. science of us
    Beware Autumnal GonorrheaThe STI (and many other infectious diseases) fluctuate with the seasons.
  2. opinions
    Apple Cider Doughnuts Are Actually Very GreatSome want you to believe they are “a lie.” They are not.
  3. opinions
    Fall Activities, RankedFirst of all, apple picking is a scam.
  4. August Blues Are Like Sunday Blues, But for a Full MonthTalking to psychologists about the neuroticism and anxiety that can spike at the end of summer.
  5. seasons
    People Really Are Happier When the Sun Is Out LongerMeanwhile, winter is coming.
  6. divorce
    Researchers Think They Have Found Two Seasonal Divorce Spikes“Let’s just try to get through the holidays …”
  7. hot shot
    Heidi Klum’s Popsicle: A Mystery, Weather-WiseLike a whodunit, but for seasons.
  8. seasons
    Jerry Seinfeld Thinks You Should Stop Complaining About the End of SummerWhat’s the deal with all this whining?