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Secret Obsession

  1. beauty marks
    Eva Mendes Now Naked on Calvin Klein Billboard DowntownAlso no one can explain what skin-cream ads mean, and Pink has dyed her hair blue.
  2. run through
    Eva Mendes’s Unedited, Racy Commercial for Calvin Klein Hits WebAmerican TV networks have refused to air the spot, but you can watch it right here!
  3. party lines
    In Which We Unnerve Francisco CostaCalvin Klein’s creative director is normally a very cool cucumber, but he didn’t really know what to say about the other night’s disastrous fragrance-launch party.
  4. party lines
    Calvin’s Perfume Party Gets Shut Down, Relocated, MessyWhen we arrived cops were there, sirens were blaring, and many a harried publicist was already working on damage control.
  5. run through
    Eva Mendes’s New Calvin Klein Commercial Makes TV Execs UncomfortableTV networks say they won’t air the new commercial for Secret Obsession because it’s too racy. We think they should probably just lighten up.