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  1. secrets
    My Weight-Loss LieFor years, I refused to tell most people about my gastric-sleeve surgery — eventually I couldn’t stomach hiding the truth any longer.
  2. sobriety
    ‘I Had a Secret Addiction. Do I Have to Tell Anyone?’It’s not about who you tell or how much you tell them — it’s about why you’re afraid to say any of it aloud.
  3. suspicious
    Are Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd Really ‘Just Networking’?A new euphemism.
  4. covid-19
    A Year of SecretsCOVID-era confessions, from ski trips to lovers to second jobs.
  5. secrets
    A High-End Dry Cleaner Spills Everything About His Filthy Rich ClientsRed wine spills on a Chanel couture gown, black mold on an Oscar de la Renta wedding dress, and more.
  6. weddings
    Celebrities Keep Having ‘Secret’ Weekday WeddingsJoe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married in Vegas on a Wednesday.
  7. secrets
    What Secret Items Do You Keep in the Underwear Drawer?The Cut asked and you answered: baby teeth. Letters from an ex. Boxes of macaroni and cheese.
  8. marriage: an investigation
    Secrets I Keep From My Spouse“I stalk my wife’s emails, texts, and bank account. On some days I follow her every move.”
  9. un-secret love
    Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Were Finally Photographed Holding Hands on the BeachGuess they’re no longer secretly dating.
  10. Keeping Secrets Isn’t So Bad for You After All — With One ExceptionPast research has suggested that keeping a secret can hurt your mental and physical well-being. A new study says it’s more nuanced than that.
  11. Party Chat
    Bryan Cranston on Learning to Think Like a SpyThe cast of The Infiltrator talks about how they researched the undercover life.
  12. The Real Reason Keeping Secrets Is So Hard, According to a PsychologistIt’s a lot like multitasking.
  13. How Do Spies Keep Their Double Lives Secret?A former undercover CIA agent took to Reddit to explain how he pulled off the biggest lie of his life.
  14. secrets
    Emma Stone Has a Secret Pinterest BoardInspirational and confidential.
  15. nobody has to know
    Matthew Williamson and Gwyneth Paltrow Are Secret Best FriendsTheir friendship is so special, she doesn’t want to make the world jealous.
  16. secrets
    Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan Broke Up a Year AgoIn other news, they were dating each other! For like six years! 
  17. secrets for sale
    Policeman Jailed for Peddling Kate Middleton Info to TabloidsMore information about Scotland Yard constable Paul Flattley comes to light.
  18. secrets
    What Are the Best Places to Hide Stuff From Live-in Boyfriends?And what are we hiding from each other?
  19. secrets
    The Messy Jil Sander/Raf Simons Swap, Explained at Long LastIt’s complicated.
  20. the aisle
    Are You Guilty of Financial Infidelity?When mother’s little helper is a stash of cold, hard cash.