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Self Defense

  1. domestic violence
    Teen Accused of Killing Mom’s Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Will Not Be IndictedLuis Moux’s lawyers say he stepped in when he saw his mother’s ex-boyfriend beating her.
  2. crime
    Seattle Jogger Attacked in Public Bathroom Fights BackPutting those self-defense classes to good use.
  3. This 24-Year-Old Teaches Muslim Women How to Protect Themselves From Hate CrimesZaineb Abdulla is helping women escape “hijab grabs.”
  4. trump’s america
    Women Are Signing Up for Self-Defense Classes in Huge Numbers After Trump’s WinIn New York City in particular, more women and minorities are signing up for self-defense classes.
  5. The Polish Army Is Offering Free Self-Defense Classes to WomenArmy instructors will teach women how to protect themselves.
  6. You go gigi
    Gigi Hadid Wants Women to Know They Have the Right to Fight BackShe opened up about her recent assault.
  7. crime
    Nail-Salon Owner Saves the Day by Shoving Robber’s Gun Back Down His PantsShe told reporters she wasn’t scared.
  8. love and war
    Should We Teach Women Rape-Prevention Tactics?Yes, at the same time we teach men not to rape.
  9. self-defense
    Manicure Doubles As Weapon in IndiaNot ideal.