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    I Wonder If My Old Hairstylists Think About Me, TooIn coiffure, as in life, a good hairdresser will leave you changed.
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    Losing My Hair, Eyebrows, and Eyelashes Doesn’t Make Me Less FeminineI tried to use makeup to “fix” myself. Now makeup is my art, not a crutch.
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    My Beauty Routine Involves Two Small ChildrenHow to apply makeup while holding a toddler.
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    Eyebrows Are a Constant Reminder That Trends Are FleetingWhen I got halfway-decent at doing my eyebrows, the rules all changed.
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    What the Black Church Taught Me About LipstickIt’ll get you through the hardest times.
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    Do You Tell Your Partner Before You Cut Your Hair?I don’t, and I think it’s the key to happiness.
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    I’m a Competent Adult, But Eye Shadow Terrifies MeI just can’t do it right.
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    I Love Taking Care of My Toddler’s Face Because I’m Tired of MineThe glory of taking care of your child’s looks, while you still can.
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    What It’s Like to Break Your Face Like Carrie UnderwoodShe’s right: You can’t cry pretty.
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    This 9-Year-Old Hair Model Has a Message for Other GirlsJaxyn Harlem knows at a very young age that even though you might not always want to get out of bed, you still have to make yourself do it.
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    Looking Like Myself Is Getting ExpensiveHow much is red hair really worth?
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    Why I Don’t Leave the House Without Putting on Black Eye ShadowI began wearing black eye shadow during a period in my life when I realized that how I looked was ill-matched to how I felt.
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    Learning the Art of Disguise at a Unique Summer CampAt Camp Discovery, all of us had skin conditions.
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    7 Women on the Tattoos They RegretIf only laser removal were cheaper.
  15. A Face Without Eyebrows Is a World of PossibilityJazzelle Zanaughtti wants her face to be a canvas.
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    I Stared Down Mortality, and It Made Me Worry About My HairIf this doesn’t stop, there’s not going to be anything left.
  17. Meet the Fragrance Professional Whose Perfect Hair Is a Statement of SuccessLaura Slatkin began her dedication to the perfect coif about 15 years ago, right when she started her luxury home-fragrance company, NEST Fragrances.
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    5 Writers Answer: Do You Feel Like You Look Like Yourself?Five writers answer the prompt.
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    I Am a Prisoner of My Own VanityOur culture places such a premium on attractiveness that I feel I can be forgiven for trying to preserve what I have left of mine.
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    25 Celebrities on Their ‘Ugly Duckling’ PhaseWe’ve all been there.
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    Tattoos Are About Change“Why would you do that to your body?” “That’s not going to look good at 70.” These are the things strange men say to tattooed women.
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    Meet the Luxury Eyewear Designer With Hyperreal, Car-Stopping Orange Hair“Older conservative women in lifts like to tell me I’m so brave.”
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    I Think About This a Lot: Emily Weiss’s Wedding Prep RoutineMuch of its impact can be traced to an early admission of lingering dissatisfaction, if not outright deficiency.
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    Meet the Greek-Cypriot Model Owning Her Unibrow, Named VeronicaHairy is beautiful.
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    I Joined the Cool Blonde Asian ClubGoing platinum made me the center of attention — for better and worse.
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    What It’s Like to Go Through Life As a Really Beautiful Woman“I look back over my life and think, What did my looks do for me?”
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    The ‘Mirror Face’ of 17 New York WomenWomen, photographed through a two-way mirror, reveal what they desire in themselves.