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Self Tanner

  1. obsessive tester
    21 Self-Tanners to Get You Ready for SpringNatural and easy to apply.
  2. tess holliday
    The Queen of Body Positivity’s New Campaign Tess Holliday on self-tanner, sunscreen, and self acceptance.
  3. obsessive tester
    These 6 Self-Tanners Are the Best for a Believable TanYou can spray, rub, and even wipe on your most natural fake tan.
  4. obsessive tester
    5 Face Self-Tanners That Impart a Believable GlowHow to not look like a splotchy giraffe.
  5. 5 new things
    5 Spring Drugstore Makeup and Skin-Care Buys Under $20Great news: You can now buy Korean sheet masks at every CVS.
  6. Canadian Thief Goes Hard on Self-TannerBronzer does not come cheap.
  7. lab rat
    Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Tanner Is Surprisingly SubtleAs long as you apply it with a mitt. 
  8. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Do You Need a BB Cream for Your Legs?A tanner and skin corrector, all in one. 
  9. lab rat
    Lab Rat: The Easiest Way to Tan in Your SleepThe newest addition to the Woke Up Like This beauty category.
  10. sun safely
    Fake the Bake With Twelve New Self-TannersGet your tan on, safely. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend.
  11. faces of things
    Look at Kate Moss’s Tan, 39-Year-Old Butt She’s the new “face” of a self-tanning company. 
  12. lessons learned
    What I Learned by Trying Self-Tanning Body Wash Do not be alarmed by the dark-chocolate-y tint.
  13. beauty booster
    You Can Now Self-Tan in the Shower Contrary to every bronzing rule ever.
  14. lab rat
    Testing the New Kardashian Self-TannersIt sounds a whole lot worse than it was.
  15. faking it
    How to Fake a Fresh-From-Vacation Makeup Look Red lipstick has no place here.
  16. beauty marks
    Bottega Veneta’s Extreme Comb-overs; JWOWW Is a Fan of Self-Tanning LotionPlus: The simple look at Dolce & Gabbana.
  17. beauty marks
    Beauty-Feud History, How ‘Angels’ Hide Cellulite, and Red Lips Are InAnd Revlon’s releasing fruity-smelling polishes.