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  1. celebrity
    Ansel Elgort Posts 17 Similar But Slightly Different Shirtless SelfiesIf only we all had his courage…
  2. crime
    Woman Says Her Selfie Led to Deadly ShootingAn argument with a jealous husband escalated in the most horrific way possible.
  3. our selfies ourselves
    Lena Dunham Selfied With Kim Kardashian’s SelfishMeta.
  4. selfiebowl
    Kim Kardashian Stars in a Very Important Selfie PSAHer Super Bowl ad is surprisingly funny.
  5. diagnosis via data plan
    This App Claims It Can Stop Your AcneDiagnosis by selfie.
  6. award-winning selfies
    10 Improvements on Ellen’s Oscar SelfieThe internet had a few suggestions.
  7. best bests
    Best Bet: HISY, the Selfie-Taking ToolNow with Bluetooth.