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  1. coronavirus
    For Some With Coronavirus, Loss of Smell and Taste Can LingerResearch shows the loss of senses may take much longer to dissipate than other symptoms.
  2. family separation policy
    The Lasting Damage of Depriving a Child of Human TouchAt detention centers along the border, workers are forbidden from hugging or physically soothing traumatized children.
  3. How Taking Photos Affects Your Memory of the Moment Later OnIt’s not always helpful.
  4. science of us
    How Taking Photos Affects Your Memory of the Moment Later OnIt’s not always helpful.
  5. Picky Eater? You Might Be a SupertasterOn the other end of the spectrum, the same thing goes for people who are super-adventurous with food.
  6. Why New Foods Taste Better on VacationYou may be in a new place, but you have the same taste buds — so what makes you a more adventurous eater?
  7. How a Lightning-Strike Victim Shed Light on a Mysterious Brain ConditionOne woman’s misfortune was a lucky break for scientists.
  8. Why You Should Teach Yourself to Be Better at SmellingHow to tap into the most underused — and least understood — of the five senses.
  9. How Bloody, Meatless Veggie Burgers Fool Your SensesThe veggie patty that looks, smells, and even bleeds like beef.
  10. Scientists Found a ‘Sixth Taste,’ and It’s the Reason Why Pasta Is DeliciousStarchiness is the new umami.
  11. Adding Fake Smells to Healthy Food Can Convince Your Brain You’re Eating JunkThe illusion of tastiness, without the guilt.
  12. Just Picturing Exercise Can Trick Your Body Into Thinking It’s Worked OutNot as good as the real thing, but it’s a start.
  13. A New Language Could Help Bring Comic Books to the BlindIt’s like a picture-based Braille.
  14. The Weird Way You Can Hear Your Food’s FlavorSound affects how we experience what we eat.
  15. Movie Theaters Smell Like People’s FeelingsWhen the audience reacts, the room takes on a chemical signature.
  16. The Complicated Reasons Why You Like Some Foods and Hate OthersTaste preference is a tricky thing.
  17. senses
    It’s Pretty Hard to Put a Smell Into WordsHow would you talk about the scent of cinnamon, for example?
  18. senses
    The Weird Connections Between Hearing and TasteHeadphones could make those Pringles seem crunchier.
  19. perception
    How Blind People Use Echolocation to Get AroundHumans are pretty resourceful.
  20. psychology
    You Can Learn to See the Letter E As GreenResearch suggests that synesthesia can be taught. 
  21. Why Can’t You Smell Your Own Home?And why it’s smart to worry about it.