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Sergio Lo Re

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    The Most Amazing Looks From the Menswear ShowsFrom the models to the mankinis, the spring 2009 collections were full of surprises. We picked our ten favorite looks.
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    Adorable Old Men Walk in Yohji Yamamoto’s ShowA handful of gray-haired guys over the age of 60 walked for Yohji Yamamoto yesterday, continuing to make this men’s season of epic interest.
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    A Proper Introduction to Sergio Lo Re, Male Model ExtraordinaireYes, we now know the name of the not-very-model-like male model from Vivienne Westwood’s show, who caught our eye yesterday.
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    This Vivienne Westwood Model Is Not Like the OthersIn a sea of skinny hipster models, Westwood put a bulky, hairy chap on the runway. And we love him.