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  1. rumors
    Pete Davidson, You TeaseHe alluded to his rumored romance with Kim Kardashian West during a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
  2. giving birth
    Seth Meyers’s Wife Gave Birth to Second Son in the Lobby of Their BuildingA truly insane birth story.
  3. golden globes 2018
    How Seth Meyers Plans to Talk About Sexual Assault at the Golden GlobesHosting the Golden Globes in a post-Weinstein, post-#MeToo world is no easy feat.
  4. gallery
    See Rick Owens and Pat McGrath in the New CFDA PortfolioExclusive behind-the-scenes images by Cass Bird.
  5. wellness theories
    Seth Meyers on Skin Care, Spinning, and That Time He Tried Cupping“I would like to spin in a dark room where no one was talking to me.”
  6. you go joe
    Here’s What Joe Biden Had to Say About Trump Before New Accusations Even EmergedBiden said Trump “engaged in the textbook definition of sexual assault.”
  7. Anna Wintour Got Embarrassingly Lost at YeezyShe told the story on Late Night.
  8. party pics
    Chanel Iman and Laverne Cox Partied This WeekAlong with Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Mischa Barton, and more. 
  9. sandal scandal
    Famous Men Weigh In on the Great Flip-flop Debate“I’m against it. I’m deeply against it. We need to stop it now, because male foot hygiene is just deplorable, abhorrent.”
  10. proud grooms
    Seth Meyers Once Looked Cuter Than His Wife“Nothing’s worse on a wedding day than the groom killing it, and the bride being way below average.”
  11. Seth Meyers Opens Emmys With Charming Slut Joke“TV is always up.”
  12. miley cyrus casting judgement
    Watch Jennifer Lawrence Recount When Miley Cyrus Cast Judgment on Her PukingMiley Cyrus cast judgment.
  13. tv party
    Anna Wintour and SJP Make a Decent Comedy DuoBroad City spinoff?
  14. party pics
    Party Pics: Martha, Pharrell, and More at the Time 100 GalaBeyoncé, sadly, was nowhere to be found. 
  15. friends in high places
    Bee Shaffer Is Moving Back to New YorkCloser to Mom, and to her new job with Seth Meyers.
  16. fashion yearbook
    Exposed Tummies Wildly Popular on CFDA/Vogue Red CarpetChristina Ricci, Allison Williams, and Ashley Greene all showed their midsections.
  17. cfd-haaaay!
    Seth Meyers Had His Doubts About Anna Wintour’s Sense of Humor“You were right, Anna Wintour.”
  18. loose threads
    Advanced Style’s Movie; Lane Crawford and J.CrewPlus, Cindy Crawford covers S Moda in Alexander Wang.
  19. loose threads
    Michael Kors Spent His Prom Night at Studio 54; Another YSL Film in the WorksPlus, Charlize Theron covers French Marie Claire in a bedsheet.
  20. cfd-haaaaay!
    The Olsens Won the CFDA Award for WomenswearAlso, Grace Coddington apparently has a thing for chicken salad on toast.
  21. cfda awards 2012
    Lily Collins, Jessica Paré, Jessica Chastain to Present CFDA Awards Next WeekSNL’s Seth Meyers will host, and Johnny Depp will hopefully wear his weirdest hat to receive his Fashion Icon prize.
  22. party lines
    Weary Fashion Designers and Perky Celebrities Come Out for Anna Wintour’s Big Fashion ShowWe chatted with Anna Wintour, the Proenza Schouler designers, Leighton Meester, Seth Meyers, and more at FNO: The Show.
  23. foreigners are fun
    Video: Seth Meyers Tells Roberto Cavalli How He Really FeelsThey both went on ‘Martha Stewart’ this morning, and it was great.
  24. party lines
    Following the Leopard-Print Thongs to the Marc Jacobs PartyThe Marc Jacobs after-party apparently started well before the gargantuan crowd made its way to Eugene. During our half-hour mosey out of the Armory, Seth Meyers tugged on our elbow and pointed down. “What is a pair of underwear doing on the ground?” We never found out. But if you lost a leopard-print thong last night, you know where to look.