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Sevin Nyne

  1. everything comes back to bravo
    Lindsay Lohan to Create Fashion-Themed Television ShowKind of like ‘Entourage,’ only hopefully much girlier.
  2. scandale!
    Lindsay Lohan Sued for Stealing Tanning-Spray FormulaShe couldn’t get away with claiming to be an expert chemist for long.
  3. beauty marks
    Estée Lauder Profits Plummet; LiLo May Not Use Her Own Tanning ProductsAlso, Jessica Biel is the next face of Revlon. So get excited.
  4. pantless people
    The Truth Behind Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony VideoIt’s actually an ad for her self-tanner and leggings lines.
  5. scandals
    Lindsay Lohan Might Not Use Her Own Line of Self-TannerNew intelligence reveals she employs the services of mobile fake-tanning service Fake Bake.
  6. beauty marks
    Lindsay Lohan Launches Self-tanner Called Sevin NyneThe name is a play on Lindsay’s favorite numbers, naturally.