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Sex Addiction

  1. science of us
    Compulsive Sexual Behavior Is Now Classified As a Mental-Health DisorderIt will appear in the WHO’s next International Classification of Diseases.
  2. book excerpt
    The Self-Destructive Obsession That Controlled My LifeFor years, sex and porn wreaked havoc on my life.
  3. sex “addiction”
    Should Shame Be Used to Treat Sexual Compulsions?An interesting new article highlights an ongoing fight in the community of therapists who treat people with sexual compulsions.
  4. Experts: Sex and Porn Addiction Probably Aren’t Real Mental DisordersA new position statement from a major professional organization is a big win for skeptics of sex and porn addiction.
  5. Maybe Don’t Call Anthony Weiner a Sex AddictThere are good reasons not to collapse the complexity of human behavior into such a simple, scientifically questionable category.
  6. unwifeable
    How to Arrange a Three-way With Your HusbandWho says women can’t have it all?
  7. Too Much or Too Little: DSM-V’s Gray Area on Sex AddictionThe psychiatric manual will help diagnose “hyposexual” women but still won’t label men sex addicts.