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  1. and just like that
    A Carrie Moment Worth Waiting ForIn And Just Like That …’s season-two finale, the other “Shoe” finally drops.
  2. public relations
    Samantha Came for 74 SecondsHer And Just Like That … cameo was brief but memorable.
  3. and just like that
    And Just Like … That?The show’s sartorial whiplash has reached head-injury levels, leaving me no choice but to surrender to its daffy whims.
  4. and just like that
    We Are So BackAnd Just Like That … finds its fashion footing for a brief moment.
  5. and just like that
    The Best Character on And Just Like That … Is a DogIn praise of the English bulldog who plays Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s prized pooch, Richard Burton.
  6. power
    Chris Noth Denies Sexual-Assault Allegations in New Interview“I strayed on my wife,” the SATC star told USA Today. “And it’s devastating to her and not a very pretty picture. What it isn’t is a crime.”
  7. members only
    AJLT’s Dick Discourse Is Good, ActuallyThis season’s focus on men’s sexual health has been unexpectedly refreshing.
  8. and just like that
    Mad About PlaidWhat was the tartan budget for this episode?
  9. strong dumb take
    Fourth Time’s the Charm?And Just Like That … should let Aidan rest in peace already.
  10. rules to live by
    Sarita Choudhury Loves Gifting a NegligeeThe And Just Like That … actor on the joy of giving spicy gifts.
  11. and just like that
    Hurtin’ for a BirkinAs we recap this week’s episode, we couldn’t help but wonder … does anyone have good luck with Hermès in this franchise?
  12. tv
    Kim Cattrall Will Phone In to the Sex and the City RebootShe had some stipulations for her brief cameo as Samantha on And Just Like That …
  13. and just like that
    Pigeons Are New Yorkers, TooWhen in doubt, you can always count on Carrie to put a bird on it.
  14. and just like that
    ‘It’s Not Crazy. It’s Valentino.’Season two of And Just Like That … brings the ladies to the Met Ball.
  15. profile
    Hey, It’s Sara RamírezThey’ve heard your Che Diaz jokes.
  16. and just like that
    Bring Back the Pee PoliticianSounds like Sex and the City’s kinkiest boyfriend is contemplating another run.
  17. and just like that
    Kristin Davis Says She’s Been ‘Ridiculed Relentlessly’ for Fillers“It’s hard to be confronted with your younger self at all times. It’s a challenge to remember that you don’t have to look like that.”
  18. and just like that
    And Just Like That … Aidan and Carrie Are BackThe show’s second season premieres in June.
  19. and just like that
    Are You Ready for the Carrie and Aidan Reunion?Sarah Jessica Parker can’t stop posting about it.
  20. and just like that
    What on Earth Is Happening on the Set of And Just Like That …?Aidan’s back … and smoking?
  21. and just like that
    Sarah Jessica Parker Is Not Done Talking About Kim Cattrall“There has been one person talking,” Parker said this week. “And I’m not going to tell her not to.”
  22. fashion
    There’s Still Style In the CityCandace Bushnell chose five looks by five New York designers for her one-woman show at Café Carlyle. She gave us an exclusive look.
  23. and just like that
    Kim Cattrall Has No Regrets About Skipping the SATC Reboot“The series is basically the third movie. That’s how creative it was.”
  24. are u coming?
    Three Cosmos and a Poodle Dance With Candace BushnellAnd just like that … she tried to Irish exit.
  25. culture
    And Just Like That … Is Nothing If Not PersistentThe SATC reboot will be back for season two.
  26. and just like that
    Actually, Miranda’s Always Been This MessyCynthia Nixon has joined the And Just Like That… discourse.
  27. and just like that
    The Defense of Che Diaz Is Absolute ChaosSara Ramirez knows you hate Che Diaz.
  28. tv
    Hari Nef Was Dying to Be on And Just Like That …“I didn’t care what they wanted me to play. I was there.”
  29. sex and the city
    Why Isn’t Samantha in And Just Like That …?Turns out, she wasn’t even invited.
  30. recap
    And Just Like That … Carrie and Samantha Get DrinksSort of. Supposedly. Maybe?
  31. and just like that
    When Did Carrie Bradshaw Get So Rich?Wealth is the real main character in And Just Like That …
  32. recap
    And Just Like That … Charlotte Taught Us How to Insert a TamponP.S. Don’t show up to Che’s unannounced.
  33. and just like that
    The Triumphant Rise of … Charlotte?If And Just Like That … succeeds at nothing else, it makes good use of the franchise’s most underestimated character.
  34. q&a
    Sarita Choudhury Never Thought She’d Be on Sex and the City“I’ve never really done something with bright lipsticks and Cosmopolitans.”
  35. and just like that
    How Many Hats Does One Woman Need?A running list of every hat Carrie has worn on And Just Like That …
  36. recap
    And Just Like That … Carrie Is Dating AgainDrunk-vomiting, too.
  37. and just like that
    Steve Deserves BetterJustice for Sex and the City’s kindest man.
  38. diversity?
    Oh Look, Another Arranged Marriage PlotOn And Just Like That … Seema gets a Diwali episode.
  39. recap
    And Just Like That … We’re Still Thinking About CheEven if Charlotte doesn’t think Miranda is progressive enough for her obsessive masturbation fantasies.
  40. power
    And Just Like That … Reportedly Cut One Last Chris Noth SceneTVLine reports the actor will no longer appear in the season finale following allegations of sexual assault.
  41. recap
    And Just Like That … Samantha Is Back-ishIf only she knew about Carrie wetting the bed.
  42. and just like that
    We Need to Talk About Miranda’s DrinkingSex and the City’s problematic approach to booze is haunting the ladies of the reboot.
  43. power
    Chris Noth Has Been Accused of Sexual AssaultA fourth woman has come forward accusing the Sex and the City actor of sexual assault.
  44. and just like that
    If Only It Was This Easy to Make FriendsHow do the women of And Just Like That … do it so effortlessly?
  45. power
    Beverly Johnson Reportedly Accused Chris Noth of Abuse in 1995According to court filings from when the two dated in the ’90s, obtained by Page Six.
  46. allegations
    SATC Stars Respond to the Chris Noth AllegationsSarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristen Davis said they were “deeply saddened” to hear the sexual-assault allegations against their co-star.
  47. culture
    The Chris Noth Peloton Ad Has Been PulledThe company removed the ad after two women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against the actor.
  48. encounter
    Nicole Ari Parker Is SATC’s New GuardThe actress brings an energy that stays true to the show’s spirit.
  49. recap
    And Just Like That, Carrie Gets BlockedIt’s not SATC without a classic Carrie spiral.
  50. she’s wearing flats
    Is This the Only Well-Adjusted SATC Character?Congratulations to Natasha and her flats.
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