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Sex Crimes

  1. crime
    R. Kelly Has Been Sentenced to 20 Years for Sex Crimes With MinorsA federal judge in Illinois has sentenced R. Kelly to 20 years in prison.
  2. crime
    The Most Chilling Testimony From Harvey Weinstein’s L.A. TrialThe disgraced producer was once again found guilty of rape.
  3. crime
    Singer Denies She Enabled R. Kelly’s Alleged Abuse of Her NieceSparkle said claims that she “had my niece sit on Robert’s lap and rub his head” were lies.
  4. q&a
    How Do We Investigate Sexual Offenses Fairly?If you care about sexual violence, you have to care about due process, argues the lawyer and activist Alexandra Brodsky.
  5. crime
    Democratic Donor Ed Buck Arrested After Third Suspicious OD at His HomeProsecutors accuse Buck of manipulating victims into taking huge doses of meth. Since 2017, two men have died in his L.A. home from overdoses.
  6. scandals
    A Guide to the Major Sex-Video Scandal Engulfing K-PopSeveral top artists are involved in a scandal involving allegations of drugging, sexual assault, and filming non-consenting women during sex.
  7. crime
    New York Cops Will Soon Be Banned From Having Sex With People in CustodyA new bill passed by state lawmakers gets rid of a legal loophole.
  8. the harvey weinstein case
    L.A. Prosecutors Reportedly Reviewing Criminal Cases Against Harvey WeinsteinThree cases have been sent to prosecutors by L.A.P.D.
  9. sex crimes
    L.A. Prosecutors Form Special Sexual-Assault Task ForceSix veteran sex-crimes prosecutors will respond to claims of sexual abuse in Hollywood.
  10. sex crimes
    California Just Got Rid of the Statute of Limitations for RapePreviously, charges generally had to be filed within a 10-year window of the alleged crime.
  11. sex crimes
    Judge Who Sentenced Brock Turner Recused Himself From Another Sex-Crimes CaseJudge Aaron Persky recused himself from his first sex-crimes case following his sentencing of Brock Turner.
  12. quotables
    Jennifer Lawrence Had to Tell Her Dad About Nude PhotosShe finally gives a statement in Vanity Fair.
  13. on steubenville
    We’re Obsessed With Rape. Is It Helpful?Steubenville’s bystanders are villains — but everyone else is rubbernecking, too.
  14. first person
    The Childhood Molestation I Don’t RememberIf I’d never found out, would I still be traumatized?