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    Men Don’t Get to Decide What Counts As ‘Sex’Does America know what sex is? After the past week, I’m not so sure.
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    Silicon Valley Parents Think the School’s Sex-Ed Program Is Too ExplicitThey reportedly think the curriculum is too explicit.
  3. politics
    Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Invest $277 Million in Abstinence-Only EducationEven though abstinence-only programs don’t work.
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    Pornhub Is Trying a Different Approach to Teaching You About SexThe pornography giant has a surprising new venture: a sex-ed site.
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    World’s Teens Say Their School’s Sex Ed Is TerribleA sweeping new study finds that students think it’s negative, outdated, and out of touch.
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    French Schools to Ensure Men Know Where the Clit IsA 3-D-printed anatomically correct clitoris will be used in sex-ed classes starting in September.
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    Mike Pence Doesn’t Understand How Condoms WorkTrump’s running mate needs some help here.
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    Why Pediatricians Should Teach Sex EdBecause we all know abstinence-only education isn’t cutting it.
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    Oklahoma Wants to Use Public Schools to Achieve an ‘Abortion-Free Society’Teens will learn that life begins at conception but, curiously, they will not be taught how to prevent pregnancy.
  10. you don’t say
    Take One Guess How Well Abstinence-Only Sex Education WorksThe keep-your-legs-closed tactic is pretty worthless.
  11. bad sex
    The Girls and Sex Problem Affects Adult Women, TooTeens aren’t the only ones who could stand to learn about pleasure.
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    The Case for Teaching Girls to Masturbate in Sex EdTalking to Peggy Orenstein about her new book, Girls & Sex.
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    Sex Ed ‘Rapes Children of Their Innocence,’ Says Omaha WomanWhile debating an update to a curriculum that hasn’t changed in 30 years.
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    The Next Sexual Revolution Won’t Come in a PillWhy the “female Viagra” failed.
  15. the inevitable
    Oh, You Don’t Have Herpes? What’s That Like?More than two-thirds of people under 50 are infected.
  16. awkward topics
    Squeamish Docs Not Giving Ringing Endorsement for HPV VaccineSome don’t want to talk about preteens having sex — but experts say that’s the wrong approach anyway.
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    Justin Bieber’s New Song: One Small Step for Mankind?It’s progress from “Blurred Lines.”
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    Surprise! Good Things Can Come From Awkward, Weird SexA new comedian explains why.
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    Responsible Teens Waiting Longer to Do ItTeens making informed and responsible decisions with their bodies? WHO KNEW?
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    Could This Technology Make Condoms Obsolete?Here’s what the future of STD prevention might look like.
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    Here’s Ilana Glazer Asking Strangers About the First Time They Had SexThe tough questions. 
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    Look at the Cool Penis Toys Swiss Kids GotUntil parents became angry.
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    Is Sex a Workout?A study suggests it is “moderate exercise.”
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    The Worst Mother-Son Sex Talk Ever“Drunk sluts are asking for it, so make sure you have them sign a rape liability waiver.”
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    Survey: Women Having More Types of Sex, But Not More SexIt’s the every-ten-years study. 
  26. lies
    Boys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti, and Other Sex Ed LiesJustin Lookadoo, meet Shelly Donohue.
  27. A Muslim Sexologist Answers Some QuestionsBringing the history of Islam and sexuality to contemporary Muslims.
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    Do Not Sleep With Someone Who Says This to YouThe worst lines people use to get out of using condoms.
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    This Is What Happens When You Ask a Stranger for Sex If you’re a woman, you’re more likely to get a yes.
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    HPV Vaccine Working Better Than ExpectedNot all adventurous women do. 
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    Don’t Panic About Michael Douglas’s Oral Sex CancerThere’s a vaccine for this, remember?
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    Uncool Michigan High School Yearbook Bans Trendy Baby BumpsOnly celebs should flaunt them.
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    Bill de Blasio’s Formerly Lesbian Wife Patiently Explains Human SexualityWhy is this so hard to understand?
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    What Is ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’?Ohio Republicans want to ban it from sex ed.
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    Now 100, This Teacher Brought Sex Ed to NYC SchoolsAn interview with Jeane Stockheim, who taught high schoolers the actual facts of life before others would.
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    Boston College’s Anti-Condom Rule Makes No SenseThey don’t want people to get any ideas (as if they don’t already have them).
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    Pubic Grooming May Spread ‘Minor’ STIBut at least you won’t get crabs.
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    Columbia Frat Scavenger Hunt Rewards Obscure Sex ActWhat is “poonspeeding”?
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    It’s No Longer Taboo, But Was BDSM Always This Nerdy?Or is it just the New York Times effect?
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    Six Things We Learned About Periods From Temple’s Student Newspaper“No one prepares guys for how to handle their ladies’ menstrual cycle.”
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    Even Harvard Kids Are Having Kinky SexFifty Shades, meet the Western canon. 
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    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Conjoined Twins SexIt’s healthy to wonder.
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    Super Gonorrhea Here to Ruin Blow Jobs ForeverFor real, no more joking around, use condoms.