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Sex Education

  1. power
    Florida Republicans Don’t Want Young Girls to Talk About PeriodsA new bill would prohibit young students from discussing menstruation during the school day.
  2. abortion
    Another GOP Candidate Fails to Understand Rape, Possibly Also SexYesli Vega claimed that rape rarely results in pregnancy because “it’s not something that’s happening organically.”
  3. self
    Please, Talk to Your Kids About AbortionMy 7-year-old knows what abortion is — and that his mom has had one.
  4. self
    Sex Education But BetterThe founder of Pro Hoe, Penda N’diaye, wants to talk about sex, baby. Also, intimacy, shame, and sexual liberation.
  5. culture
    Welcome to Puberty TVA new wave of comedies is finally taking teen sexuality seriously.
  6. sex education
    The Dutch Don’t Sex-Shame Their KidsWhat I learned from another country’s approach to sex ed.
  7. rants
    Idaho State Senator Screams ‘Abortion Is Murder’ at Visiting StudentsThe students were not there to discuss abortion.
  8. This College Encouraged Students to Masturbate to Prevent Sexual AssaultRochester Institute of Technology suggested students “rub one out” in an orientation-week presentation.
  9. Trump Administration Quietly Cut $213 Million in Funds to Prevent Teen PregnancyResearchers say their work up to this point will go to waste.
  10. women’s health
    Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Failing Texas TeensThe state has yet to adopt progressive policies that are working to reduce the teen-pregnancy rate elsewhere.
  11. politics
    Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Invest $277 Million in Abstinence-Only EducationEven though abstinence-only programs don’t work.
  12. sex ed
    Pornhub Is Trying a Different Approach to Teaching You About SexThe pornography giant has a surprising new venture: a sex-ed site.
  13. sex ed
    World’s Teens Say Their School’s Sex Ed Is TerribleA sweeping new study finds that students think it’s negative, outdated, and out of touch.
  14. sex ed
    French Schools to Ensure Men Know Where the Clit IsA 3-D-printed anatomically correct clitoris will be used in sex-ed classes starting in September.
  15. video
    John Oliver Made a Helpful, Easy-to-Understand Sex-Ed Video Featuring a condom-on-banana demonstration by Laverne Cox.
  16. excuses excuses
    College Kids Say They Watch Porn, Mainly for the Educational BenefitsSo say 60 percent of university students surveyed in the U.K. 
  17. the dong song
    Here’s a Snazzy Swedish Song About Genitalia“Snippity, snip, snippity snop.”
  18. interview
    Q&A: Dirty Talk With the Woman Behind Masters of SexShowrunner Michelle Ashford doesn’t think Tinder will last.
  19. sex education
    All the Ways to Say Vagina and PenisA brief history of slang terms for genitalia.
  20. sex education
    This Is What Happens When You Ask a Stranger for Sex If you’re a woman, you’re more likely to get a yes.
  21. oh college!
    Meet the SWUGs of Yale: Women ‘Washed Up’ at 21What other schools might call “senioritis” has turned into a viral meme in the Ivy League.
  22. q&a
    Now 100, This Teacher Brought Sex Ed to NYC SchoolsAn interview with Jeane Stockheim, who taught high schoolers the actual facts of life before others would.