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  1. let’s talk about sex
    Sex Lives: Is the Size Debate Still Relevant?And a long talk about kink.
  2. let’s talk about sex
    Find Out What’s Wrong With Your Tinder ProfileAn interview with a Tinder profile ghostwriter, Lisa Hoehn.
  3. let’s talk about sex
    What Happened to the Woman Who Dated Her Dad? A chat with Science of Us columnist Alexa Tsoulis-Reay.
  4. let’s talk about sex
    Everything You Need to Know About Orgasmic BirthYou wanted to know … right?
  5. let’s talk about sex
    ‘Sex Lives’: 13 Breakup Stories Worse Than YoursYour psychotic ex had nothing on Nero.
  6. let’s talk about sex
    New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: How to Make Me Come, Again And a chat about one person who really needs to read that blog.
  7. let’s talk about sex
    Should You Bring a Hostess Gift to an Orgy?And other pressing sex-party-related questions.
  8. let’s talk about sex
    Have All the Pickup Artists Reformed?A sit-down with Neil Strauss.
  9. let’s talk about sex
    Are the New Emoji Better for Sexting? Also: historical dildos and modern dick symbols.
  10. let’s talk about sex
    ‘Sex Lives’: Even Rihanna Gets Post-Sex BluesAnd what is pruning? Should you do it?
  11. sex on campus
    Hooking Up Is Easy to Do (But Pretty Complicated)For today’s college students, is hookup culture unfixable?
  12. sex on campus
    The Sex Lives of College StudentsAn on-the-ground survey of what it means to be young and in lust (or asexual or aromantic) in 2015.
  13. let’s talk about sex
    Does Your First Love Still Fantasize About You?According to a study, probably yes.
  14. let’s talk about sex
    When Does a Couple Hit Peak Sexual Satisfaction?Plus: Dating sucks, but friends-with-benefits doesn’t.
  15. let’s talk about sex
    What Can’t the Pullout Method Do?This week’s “Sex Lives” podcast.
  16. sex lives
    How Long Should Sex Actually Last?The cultural preoccupation with duration is a very modern worry.
  17. let’s talk about sex
    New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: A Cultural History of the Bionic DongListen to this week’s “Sex Lives” podcast.
  18. let’s talk about sex
    Sex Lives: How Bad Is a One-Minute Man, Really?A frank discussion of sexual stamina.
  19. let’s talk about sex
    ‘Sex Lives’: Is the ‘Orgasm Gap’ Closing? Faster than the wage gap, anyway.
  20. let’s talk about sex
    ‘Sex Lives’: Sexting for Better RelationshipsPlus: vagina beauty standards and Kevin Bacon’s crusade.
  21. let’s talk about sex
    Sex Lives: How to Survive the Dating Apocalypse What to put in your go bag.
  22. let’s talk about sex
    How Much Sex Actually Happens on The Bachelor?And an interview with Mark Snyder from New York’s Museum of Sex.
  23. let’s talk about sex
    ‘Sex Lives’: Is Everyone on OKCupid Racist?Plus: penis beauty standards, and people who don’t kiss.
  24. let’s talk about sex
    Is It Okay to Still Like Sex and the City?Plus, a study that explains every Judd Apatow movie ever.
  25. sex lives
    The Complicated Politics of Where to ComePleasure must be balanced against pragmatism.
  26. let’s talk about sex
    Are We in the Midst of a Sex-Toy Revolution?And: What happens when you have an on-demand dating coach.
  27. let’s talk about sex
    Why Do We Even Call It ‘Female Viagra’? Plus: The curse of the “all or nothing” marriage.
  28. sex lives
    Are Older Generations Better at Getting Laid? Plus: an interview with legendary sex-guru Dr. Ruth.
  29. sex lives
    New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: Meet the Threesome Matchmaker An interview with the founder of Three Way Dating Club.
  30. let’s talk about sex
    ‘Sex Lives’ Asks: Which Museum Is Best for Sex?Plus: Will getting laid too much make you miserable?
  31. let’s talk about sex
    New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: All About the DA hump-day treat.
  32. Introducing New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ PodcastFeaturing the Cut’s Maureen O’Connor and Allison P. Davis.
  33. sex lives
    Fifty Shades of Grey Is a Great Dating GuideNo, seriously.
  34. sex lives
    Do Happy Couples Masturbate? When Masturbation Meets CohabitationWhen masturbation meets cohabitation.
  35. breakups
    Who Needs Skin? The Virtual Rebound As Breakup TherapyAll you need to get out of a post-breakup depression is an internet connection.
  36. sex lives
    Just How Preposterous Is the Fantasy of No-Strings Threesomes?It seems a third person forces the other two to realize exactly how much — or little — they have in common.
  37. sex lives
    The Porn Flâneur: What Baudelaire and LubeTube Have in CommonFor the viewer, the internet is a garden of carnal delight—and carnal anthropology. 
  38. love and war
    Could It Be That Long-Distance Relationships Are Actually Healthy? Sometimes, you have to not be there.
  39. sex lives
    Warning: A Column on Butt StuffIn exquisite detail.
  40. sex lives
    Sexting’s Strange Paradox: It’s Just No FunHalf the people who send lewd messages are just not that into it. So why press “send”?
  41. marital woes
    Couples Rarely Have Sex for Fun, Science SaysBaby, let’s get the kids a sitter and get into some conflict avoidance tonight.