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Sex Offenders

  1. love in the time of trump
    A Convicted Sex Criminal Was the Face of a Trump Dating SiteTrump.dating is off to a rough start.
  2. crime
    Jared Fogle Thinks Judge Is Biased Because of Her Teenage DaughtersAccording to a new report from TMZ.
  3. bad science
    How the Supreme Court Spread a False Statistic About Sex OffendersIt’s hard to stand up against a claim that feels correct, and that ties into people’s deep-seated fears.
  4. can u not
    Dad of Football Player Accused of Rape: It Was Consensual Because Girls Want HimThis high-schooler’s dad needs to stop talking.
  5. very bad laws
    Sexting As a Teen in Colorado Could Make You a Sex Offender for LifeCurrently, Colorado has some of the harshest penalties for underage sexting.
  6. crime
    A Common Belief About Sex Offenders May Be WrongDoes being molested as a kid really increase the odds you’ll commit a sex crime?
  7. sex offenders
    Sex Offender Housing Restrictions Are PointlessIt’s a hyperpoliticized policy that may actually increase recidivism.