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Sex Tapes

  1. awful things
    Italian Woman Whose Sex Tape Went Viral Commits SuicideTiziana Cantone became a meme for all the wrong reasons.
  2. sex tapes
    Democratic Delegate’s Sex Tape Posted Online“I am deeply saddened that someone would stoop to such a level in an attempt to besmirch me politically,” she said.
  3. orgies
    Billionaire Celebrates Divorce by Distributing Orgy Sex Tape Shot in a LimoStewart Rahr, “King of All Fun,” is single and ready to mingle.
  4. music videos
    Kardashian Look-alike in Ray J’s Music Video Ranks Pretty LowWatch the music video for “I Hit It First.”
  5. smut studies
    The Death of the Celebrity Sex Tape How Kim Kardashian’s co-star became a relic.
  6. videos we don’t need to watch
    Things Kanye’s Sex Tape Has in Common With the Kimye Music Video: A PredictionWe predict what they have in common.
  7. feats of strength
    Kanye West: Yes, That Is My 40-Minute Sex Tape“Constant action… takes no breaks.”