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  1. dating tips
    This Is by Far the Most Efficient Pickup LineKeri Russell is not a fan of subtlety.
  2. lifestyle
    Is This the Most Unhinged Cosmo Bedroom Tip of All Time?It involves lube, a sandwich bag (?), and a sock (??).
  3. sex tips
    How the Duggars Made All Those Babies“You always need to be available when he calls.”
  4. sex tips
    Cosmo Publishes Its First Lesbian Sex GuideMind-blowing, naturally.
  5. dubious studies with actionable results
    An Apple a Day: Your Newest Actionable Sex TipA new study associates apple consumption with female pleasure. 
  6. Martha Stewart Still Considers Herself a ModelIt’s a really, really good thing.
  7. first looks
    Cat Marnell’s New Sex Tips, Ranked From Least to Most SexualOn the topic of becoming a groupie in 2013.