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  1. relationships
    Dating in CaptivityGo ahead and reinstall Tinder in self-isolation. Or, if that doesn’t work, join a virtual sext bunker.
  2. sex diaries
    The Caterer Finding Comfort in Sex With Her HusbandThis week’s sex diary.
  3. helpful!
    It’s Never a Bad Time to Have a VibratorBut right now seems like an excellent moment to invest in one.
  4. sex diaries
    The Single Mom Rekindling Things With Her Ex in IsolationThis week’s sex diary.
  5. sex diaries
    The Event Producer Hoping for a Sexual AwakeningThis week’s sex diary.
  6. coronavirus
    Even the Orgies Are CanceledWe are facing a long dry spring.
  7. sex
    Get Ready to Have a Lot of Phone SexThe safest way to get it on during the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
  8. please!
    Let Lizzie McGuire Do SexApparently, Disney+ paused the Lizzie McGuire reboot over a story line about cheating.
  9. sex diaries
    The News Producer Flying to Texas for a HookupThis week’s sex diary.
  10. attraction
    Apparently, Men Can Smell When Women Are Turned OnAnd according to new research, they’re attracted to it.
  11. celebrity
    The Beloved Singer-Songwriter Having Sex With HerselfLiz Phair shares her own Sex Diary.
  12. sex diaries
    The Expat Who Keeps Falling for Men With GirlfriendsThis week’s sex diary.
  13. health
    Everything You Need to Know Before Taking Plan BA guide to the morning-after pill, including how it works, where to buy it, and how much it costs.
  14. sex diaries
    The Woman Who Keeps Getting Stood UpThis week’s sex diary.
  15. sex diaries
    The M.B.A. Student Getting Tired of ThreesomesThis week’s sex diary.
  16. celebrity
    This Man Simply Cannot Stop Talking About His Marital Sex LifeHe loves it!
  17. valentine's day
    5 Movies That Will Make You Never Want to Have Sex AgainFor when you need to get out of the mood.
  18. sex scenes
    The Best Sex Scenes From MoviesI wrote this at work, but it’s NSFW.
  19. sex diaries
    The Banker Sleeping With Her Married Co-workerThis week’s sex diary.
  20. sex diaries
    Do You Want to Be Cast in a Sex Diaries Docuseries?A personal note from the Sex Diaries team.
  21. sex diaries
    The Publicist Going on a Series of Dismal First DatesThis week’s sex diary.
  22. wellness
    The Goop Lab Will Actually Teach You Something About SexIts sex episode almost makes up for the infamous jade yoni egg.
  23. sex diaries
    The Mom Trying to Hook Up With Her Ex on Family VacationThis week’s sex diary.
  24. sex diaries
    The Married Woman Trying Out Candidates for Her First AffairThis week’s sex diary.
  25. surprise
    Another Reason to Delete Your Dating AppsSome of the big ones, like Grindr and Tinder, are reportedly sharing your personal data with advertisers.
  26. sex diaries
    The Woman Trying to Seduce Her Polyamorous ExThis week’s sex diary.
  27. job well done
    Horny Tortoise Retires After Helping Save SpeciesMission accomplished.
  28. fixations
    I Think about This a Lot: Joey Tribbiani’s Insane Reward for Being Good in BedWhy does he deserve dozens of fruit baskets?
  29. sex diaries
    The Woman Afraid of Leaving Hickeys on Her Divorced DateThis week’s sex diary.
  30. let's stay together
    Breaking Up Only Made Us CloserOnce we had nothing left to lose, we were finally honest.
  31. sex diaries
    The Comedian Overwhelmed by How Many Men She’s SeeingThis week’s sex diary.
  32. culture
    I Admire Robert Pattinson for Having a Good Plan BHe joked that he’ll go into erotic films if Batman fails.
  33. books
    The Best Book I Read in 2019 Was This 800-Page Sex MemoirSusi Wyss’s Guess Who Is the Happiest Girl in Town? fulfills all voyeuristic needs.
  34. q&a
    ‘Sex Can Be Anything’Pondering “the problem of romance” with the poet, activist, and sex worker Rachel Rabbit White.
  35. advice
    These Are the Best CondomsA Japanese condom that’s worth the price.
  36. sex diaries
    The Event Planner Who Manages Her Anxiety With BDSMThis week’s sex diary.
  37. 2019 in review
    The 9 Best Sex Diaries of 2019From possible sex addicts to four-person polycules.
  38. sex diaries
    The Fashion Assistant Sharing a Bed With Her ExThis week’s sex diary.
  39. lifestyle
    Is This the Most Unhinged Cosmo Bedroom Tip of All Time?It involves lube, a sandwich bag (?), and a sock (??).
  40. ask polly
    ‘I’ve Never Had Sex, and I Feel Like I Never Will’You need to tune in to how much control you have.
  41. sex diaries
    The Single Woman Who Steals Her Lousy Hookup’s WeedThis week’s sex diary.
  42. sex diaries
    The Beauty Exec Fantasizing About the Single Dad Next DoorThis week’s sex diary.
  43. sex
    Peter Berlin Thinks You Work Too Much“I never had a drive but getting laid. So, I had a fabulous life.”
  44. celebrity
    T.I. Says He Was ‘Joking’ About His Daughter’s HymenLeave it to Jada Pinkett Smith to straighten this man out.
  45. sex diaries
    The Brooklyn Mom Too Busy Sexting to Read Her Book-Club BookThis week’s sex diary.
  46. sex diaries
    The Marketing Exec Who Likes Telling Men What to DoThis week’s sex diary.
  47. dating
    What Is the Best Pre-Sex Meal?The New York Post claims chicken parm is “NYC’s aphrodisiac of choice.” There has to be a better way.
  48. sex diaries
    The Computer Scientist With a Sugar DaddyThis week’s sex diary.
  49. sex diaries
    The Newly Out TV Producer Going to Her First Sex PartyThis week’s sex diary.
  50. sex diaries
    The Scientist Playing With Her 4-Person PolyculeThis week’s sex diary.
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