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  1. sexting
    Please Don’t Abuse This EmojiA lament.
  2. the cut podcast
    The Joy of SextOn this week’s The Cut podcast, a plea to end the mediocre dick pic.
  3. love these days
    The Art of Flirting (Over Text)On openers, emojis, and general etiquette.
  4. love these days
    The Best Way to Flirt in IsolationIt’s much more intimate than Zoom.
  5. power
    Ex-FBI Lawyer Breaks Her Silence on Trump’s Relentless Twitter HarassmentEx-FBI lawyer Lisa Page has become one of Trump’s favorite targets. After he made a particularly demeaning joke about her, she decided to speak out.
  6. it’s complicated
    When Sexting Is Better Than Actual SexIt’s the superior form of the casual hookup.
  7. jolly old england
    Good Luck Ever Experiencing Desire Again After Reading This British MP’s Sexts“A horny daddy is a generous daddy,” he texted a bartender he barely knew. Also: “Sadly the Queen is ill.”
  8. sex lives
    The Ultimate Guide to SextingThree sex experts share their advice.
  9. crime
    Anthony Weiner Is Heading to Prison TodayThe disgraced former Congressman will begin serving a 21-month term.
  10. crime
    Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in PrisonThe former Democratic congressman pled guilty to a charge of transferring obscene material to a minor in May.
  11. sexting
    Why Do Straight Men Send Other Guys Dick Pics?Sometimes it’s like a focus group. Sometimes it’s a joke. And sometimes they just want to show off.
  12. scandals
    The Anthony Weiner Trial Reveals Just How Many Women He Was SextingIt’s in the hundreds.
  13. Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Sexting With a MinorHe will have to register as a sex offender.
  14. emoji speak louder than words
    Which Emoji Face Is the Horniest?Is it the clown? The smiling imp? Or a basic wink?
  15. sexting
    Massachusetts Is Trying to Inject Some Sanity Into the Teen-Sexting PanicGovernor Charlie Baker doesn’t want minors getting charged with child pornography — something that happens with disturbing frequency.
  16. dreams come true
    Soon You Can Swipe Right on Hotties From Your Work ComputerFinally.
  17. online dating
    How I Decide Who Gets Banned on OkCupidModerating sexts is a careful art.
  18. oops
    This Woman Slammed Into a Police Car While Taking a Topless SelfieShe’s probably having a worse day than you.
  19. There’s Nothing Sexy About Emoji SextingThe madness must stop.
  20. sliding into the dms
    Self-Described Mongoose Anthony Weiner Was Catfished on Twitter by a RepublicanWhere are Nev and Max when you need them?
  21. bleep bleep bloop
    Meryl Streep Confused by Snapchat and Sexting and Honestly, SameWhat’s the difference again?
  22. scandals
    The Secret Struggle of the Woman Who Took Down WeinerThree years later, Sydney Leathers is still dealing with the fallout.
  23. mansplaining
    And Now, Men Explaining Why They Send Dick PicsHonestly, we’re still not sure we understand.
  24. very bad laws
    Sexting As a Teen in Colorado Could Make You a Sex Offender for LifeCurrently, Colorado has some of the harshest penalties for underage sexting.
  25. Sext Away, Teens of New Mexico!Now that Snapchat won’t get you busted as a sex offender.
  26. getting it
    The Unlikely Appeal of the Dick VideoWhen solicited, of course.
  27. getting it
    Why I Have My Face in My Naked SelfiesDespite the (perfectly sensible) conventional wisdom.
  28. sex diaries
    The 51-Year-Old Mom Sexting a Married ManThis week’s sex diary.
  29. sexting
    Teens: Stop Forcing Other Teens to Sext YouPlease just stop being monsters to each other?
  30. digital get down
    3-D-Printed Dick Pics Are the Way of the FutureBetter sexting through technology?
  31. adult education
    The Old Person’s Guide to Sexting Like a Teen Take out that mobile device and GYPO.
  32. the lingerie paradox
    When Do You Actually Wear Your Fancy Lingerie?Do you only resort to fancy panties on laundry day, like me?
  33. schedules and such
    Most of You Are Sexting During WorkA study reveals the most popular sexting hour.
  34. viewing habits
    Sexting Is Lose-Lose for Teen GirlsFrom a study called: “Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t … If You’re a Girl.”
  35. sextual context
    Tinder Is Now a Handy, All-in-One Sexting App Seamless integration of dick pics.
  36. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, From Scalp Facials to the Princeton MomTen things we learned this week.
  37. emoji art
    The Definitive Emoji-Sexting GlossaryThe birds and the bees and the eggplants and the peaches.
  38. snapchats are forever
    Alert, Adults: College Kids Don’t Use Snapchat for SextingMostly it’s for “creativity.” 
  39. sex lives
    Sexting’s Strange Paradox: It’s Just No FunHalf the people who send lewd messages are just not that into it. So why press “send”?
  40. silly bans
    British Boarding School Eton Has a Major Snapchat ProblemBanned from the Wi-Fi networks.
  41. sextual relations
    It Turns Out Nobody Really Likes Sexting Sexting for duty, sir.
  42. online dating
    Sexting With a Tinder Spam-Bot, Things Get WeirdShe started with, “hey…have we chatted before?”
  43. international department of sexts
    The French Now Have Their Own Word for SextingTrès sexy.
  44. Seduce Efficiently: Sexy Acronyms From the 1930sHey, BURMA.
  45. 20 People on SextingSext and subtext: the stories behind the naked selfies.
  46. texting while dating
    Study: Too Much Texting Could Ruin Your RelationshipHow to lose a guy without even talking in person.
  47. sextual relations
    The Anti-Sexting App We’ve Been Waiting For Fighting dirty texts with squeaky-clean memes.
  48. drama
    The Secret Social-Media Lives of Baby BoomersDrama. Defriending. Sexting.
  49. sex education
    All the Ways to Say Vagina and PenisA brief history of slang terms for genitalia.
  50. down under
    Australia’s Anthony Weiner Put His Penis in Red Wine and Took a PictureMeet the sexting politician from Down Under.
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