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  1. relationships
    So This Is What It Would Sound Like If Alexa Could SextBezos is accused of texting a TV host, “I love you, alive girl.”
  2. getting it
    Why I Have My Face in My Naked SelfiesDespite the (perfectly sensible) conventional wisdom.
  3. schedules and such
    Most of You Are Sexting During WorkA study reveals the most popular sexting hour.
  4. sextual context
    Tinder Is Now a Handy, All-in-One Sexting App Seamless integration of dick pics.
  5. snapchats are forever
    Alert, Adults: College Kids Don’t Use Snapchat for SextingMostly it’s for “creativity.” 
  6. Seduce Efficiently: Sexy Acronyms From the 1930sHey, BURMA.
  7. sexts
    Mariah Carey’s Birthday Present to Her Husband Is a Public Photo of Her BoobsHe ostensibly has private access.
  8. instagram czars
    So, What Hashtags Are Banned on Instagram?Protecting us against #pornography, #thinspiration, and #bubblebutts