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Sexual Harassment On Capitol Hill

  1. sexual harassment on capitol hill
    Every Female Senator Slams Chamber’s Inaction on Sexual HarassmentAll 22 women in the Senate — Republican and Democrat — came together to send a condemnatory letter to leadership.
  2. sexual harassment on capitol hill
    This Bill Would Make Congressmen Pay Their Own Sexual-Harassment SettlementsInstead of tax-payers.
  3. sexual harassment on capitol hill
    Rep. Removed From House Ethics Committee Amid AllegationsCongressman Patrick Meehan, who’s been heavily involved in the fight against sexual harassment on Capitol Hill, settled own sexual-misconduct case.
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    Senator Pledges to Ask Every Court Nominee About Sexual-Harassment HistoryUnder oath.
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    Will All the Harassment Claims Against Senators Be Released?Senator Tim Kaine thinks they should be.
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    The Senate Is Officially Investigating Al FrankenThe U.S. Senate Ethics Committee is looking into allegations of sexual misconduct.
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    Senator Franken Apologizes After Two More Women Accuse Him of Assault“I feel terribly that I’ve made some women feel badly and for that I am so sorry,” Franken said.
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    Congresswoman Says Former Congressman Tried to Pin Her Down and Kiss HerColorado representative Diana DeGette says she was assaulted by former California representative Bob Filner.