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    Am I Doomed to a Life of Painful Sex?I thought I had finally cured my vaginismus. Then it came back.
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    STD Cases in the U.S. Have Reached an All-Time HighA report from the CDC shows a staggering 2.46 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other STDs.
  3. sexual health
    Is it Possible to Contract Gonorrhea From Making Out?A new study has some concerning findings.
  4. Watch an Illustrated 30,000-Year Evolution of the Sex ToyHallie Lieberman, author of Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy takes us through the colorful backstories of the modern dildo and vibrator.
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    A Record Number of Americans Contracted STDs in 2016, CDC ReportsDating apps may be partly to blame.
  6. New Research Is Taking Women’s Sexual Pleasure SeriouslyScientists surveyed women ages 18 to 94 for a new study on women’s orgasms.
  7. Just When You Thought 2016 Couldn’t Get Any Worse, We Now Have Record STD LevelsGird your loins.
  8. double standards
    Insurance Companies Not Covering ‘Female Viagra’Women who want to try Addyi are having trouble getting it.
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    Unsafe Sex Fastest-Growing Concern for WomenNo glove, no love. 
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    The Female Libido Pill Is Here, But There Isn’t Much Evidence It Does AnythingIt’s based on a misunderstanding of the way sexual desire works, especially in women. 
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    Annual Pelvic Exams: Pretty Much Pointless?Great, we love having a near-stranger prod our genitals for no reason.