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Sexual Orientation

  1. science
    The Study Claiming AI Can Tell If You’re Gay or Straight Is Under Ethical ReviewThe study was met with backlash from academics, advocates, and the AI community.
  2. science
    Now Computers Can Tell If You’re Gay or Straight Just From a Pic of Your FaceA study found AI can guess your sexual orientation from analyzing a photograph.
  3. asexuality
    What Asexual People Sexually Fantasize AboutIt turns out that asexual may be a bit too broad of a label, given what a recent study uncovered about asexual people’s fantasies.
  4. sexual orientation
    ‘Born This Way’ Might Not Fully Capture Sexual OrientationAccording to the latest research, sexual orientation comes from a complex mix of factors, and scientists haven’t yet fully unraveled what’s going on.
  5. sexual orientation
    Being Into Middle-Aged People Is Probably a Sexual OrientationThe science of sexual orientation is about to get a lot more complicated and interesting. Also, it will better explain the existence of granny porn.