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Sexy Exercise

  1. fitness
    Prancercise Made Richard Simmons Weep With Joy“If she was here, I’d do her nails.”
  2. video
    Prancercise Guru Teaches Al Roker to Prance“One day I was hearing a really good tune … and the rest is history.”
  3. sexy exercise
    Prancercise: A Dazzling Fitness RoutineYou will not regret watching this workout video.
  4. quotables
    Unless You’re James Deen, Sex Isn’t ExerciseSays a porn star’s doctor.
  5. sexy exercise
    Jake Gyllenhaal Is a SoulCycle Teacher’s PetHe has a SoulCycle girlfriend.
  6. trainer tell-all
    Why You Really Work Out Sex-starved wives, insecure husbands: A personal trainer tells all.
  7. sexy exercise
    Here’s a Sexy Yoga Video To get you in the mood for _______.