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Sexy Time

  1. unwifeable
    50 Things Women Think About When MasturbatingFrom frozen peas to Gilbert Gottfried.
  2. sexy time
    Weeping Child Learns About the Birds and the Bees at a Local TargetA fun surprise!
  3. sexy time
    Calvin Klein’s Fall Denim Ads Redefine the Meaning of ‘Sex Sells’They finally figured out where people are having sex these days: Tinder.
  4. sexy time
    Hot Men in Warm SweatersFrom Marlon Brando in a turtleneck to Kanye in a cardigan.
  5. best bet
    Best Bet: Sarah Potempa’s BeachwaverBeach waves for dummies.
  6. sexy time
    Ten Beauty Products That Look Like Sex ToysYou’ve noticed. We’ve noticed. Let’s not actually try these at home.
  7. sexy time
    BryanBoy Tweeted a ThreesomeGood for him.